Own Your Style is a new brand platform from Macy’s, a well-known American department store. The launch is part of the company’s two-year-old recovery strategy.

The emphasis is on a fashion-forward revamped brand identity.

So, what exactly does Own Your Style provide? There will be a digital hub that will serve as a curated source of style inspiration, as well as simplified global navigation and a personalised customer dashboard which invites shoppers to express themselves through the retailer’s carefully curated selection of brands and pieces.

According to the company, the entire platform is based on the idea that “style originates from within,” and is thus designed to help customers realise this. For example, the platform would automatically match users with items, inspiration, and guidance based on their specific style and interests.

Each person’s style is distinct. they will differentiate themselves in a crowded market by assisting the consumers in expressing their personal style through individualised data-driven recommendations and expert assistance.

Own Your Style is a multiyear creative platform and tagline that celebrates uniqueness and puts customers at the centre of communication.

Macy’s connects customers with the advice, inspiration, amazing value, and items they need to embrace their style, thanks to a digitally powered omnichannel experience.

The digital platform is part of a bigger brand change that will extend to all customer touchpoints, including macys.com, the Macy’s app, social media, and shops. It’s also an important step in the firm’s ‘Polaris’ strategy.

“Each person’s style is distinct. “With more personal touchpoints and actual value and style that they can own, this brand reinvention will enhance our customers’ shopping experience.”

The new brand concept was designed to “embody the spirit of exploration and playfulness.” Individuality is also emphasised. Macy’s is resurrecting Macy’s Style Crew, a broad group of passionate, style-loving workers, to coincide with the introduction of the digital platform. Style Crew members post shoppable video and photo content on their own social and digital channels for customers to discover.

Macy’s also announced that its website will be improved with a new global navigation, a renovated, modern search bar, and a personalised customer dashboard. It will also have product carousels that emphasise various categories, as well as new product photo grids that display things in a more engaging format with product videos.

Customers will also enjoy monthly Own Your Style and Now Trending pavilions in-store, which are curated with must-have brands and crucial things.

Macy’s has increased its personalisation efforts, redesigned its website, organised a style team for fashion advice, and created in-store zones featuring “must have” apparel and accessories. Macy’s also updated their dress code for employees to allow them to show their personal flair while also encouraging customers.

Digital screens will be used in stores to help with product presentations and style suggestions. The curated Own Your Style and Now Trending pavilions will continue to rotate weekly.

Employees can earn commissions as part of the Macy’s Style Crew by following a reinvented dress code that fosters self-expression in order to inspire customers, as well as helping and advising store customers.

Own Your Style is a multiyear creative platform and tagline that celebrates uniqueness and puts customers at the centre of communication.

Customers will be able to experience the Own Your Style brand platform thanks to a revised dress code for store associates that will celebrate self-expression and encourage customers to find their own style.

Own Your Style and Now Trending pavilions will be featured at Macy’s shops on a monthly basis, with must-have products and crucial things. Customers will receive style advice from digital screens located around the store, which will feature style inspiration as well as visual product displays, such as shoes and bags that are cross-merchandised with ensembles, to deliver style advice right on the floor.

Macy’s style lineup 

A diversified group of coworkers with a strong sense of style. Through insights, live demos, product tutorials, and suggestions, these in-house specialists help their social media followers and consumers make informed purchasing decisions. Members of the Style Crew share their love of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle by providing unique shoppable video and photo content to their own social and digital platforms, allowing customers to learn about new products in a fun and engaging way. Customers can get the inspiration they need from Style Crew members to transform their closets from “I don’t know” to “I absolutely own this.” Customers can continue their buying trip by clicking through the Style Crew members’ posts and landing on macys.com. Members of the Style Crew will be able to earn commission for their involvement.

Digital exposure 

Customers will benefit from an improved digital experience that includes global navigation that is easier to use, a modernised search bar, and a personalised customer dashboard. The new Own Your Style hub, a curated destination for style inspiration, will be at the centre of the online experience. Product carousels emphasising different categories, as well as new product photo grids that present things in a new and interesting style with product videos, will be included in enhanced digital shopping experiences.