The world is strewn with people who dream of achieving something big in life. They would carve out beautiful futures for themselves and imagine themselves living their best lives. There are only a few individuals, though, who would do everything in their reach to realize their aspirations. For them, dreams are not what you see at night but rather the aims that do not let you sleep. One such person constantly striving hard to obtain his goals is an American music producer and audio engineer DJ B Real.

Born on November 15th,1984, in Bouta Rouge, Louisiana, Marlon Jermaine Clerk, a.k.a. DJ B Real, had a knack for mixing beats and getting into the nitty-gritty of creating music from his early days. He loved exploring how music was made and how adding or amalgamating different beats and tunes created melodies. This curiosity led him to choose his career in audio engineering. As audio engineering is a vast field that includes recording a live performance, balancing and adjusting sound sources, and many other things, Marlon could easily choose a path that was easy and required no extra effort. But due to his passion and love for music, he chose music production and focused on learning it entirely before he could launch or call himself a professional music producer and audio engineer. He spent days and months understanding the engineering tools and trained himself in equalization, dynamics processing, audio effects, mixing, reproduction, and reinforcement of sound. Finally, in 2005, he kick-started his career in music production with a stage name DJ B Real. His first release was Webbie’ Gutta Bitch, which was featured in Webbie’s debut album “Savage Life.” The track was produced alongside Baton Rouge producer Mouse and performed well in the market.

DJ B Real’s work in his first can easily trace his years of hard work and dedication towards music. The single has a rich composition of catchy beats and a trendy tune made to pump up parties and brighten anybody’s dull day. His work was recognized by Trill Entertainment Records in 2008, and he was then approached by the firm to become an in-house producer on their roster. Taking up this opportunity boosted his career and expanded his knowledge of music production. He got exposure to the real professional world and was now completely capable of producing ground-breaking music for other clients.

The emerging artist from Baton Rouge, Lousiana, now has an impressive portfolio, including tracks from Webbie’s Savage Life 2, Lil’ Phat’s Life of a Yungsta, Vol. 1 mixtape, and  3Deep’s First 6 Months mixtape & 3Deep-deceased member. In addition to this, DJ B Real has also produced Kevin Gates’ underground smash; I’m a Grinder, some tracks from Boosie Badazz ‘s album SuperBad: The Return of Boosie Bad Azz. DJ B-Real teamed up with Boozie Badazz in 2014 to create his hit single Crazy, which secured more than 6 million Youtube views.

Looking at the success rate of DJ B Real’s career, it seems like he was truly made to produce music. But he did not think the same; instead, he wanted to diversify his portfolio and himself into a different field related to music. In 2012 the young talent started working alongside a local music group Drama Boyz. The group consisted of himself, Infa Red, and his Nephew as a third member. DJ B Real put his heart and soul into the group and tried to make their place but only ended up releasing a single track, We ‘Bout Dat Drama. This was a pre-album released on DJ B Real’s very own, Jigga House Records, as well as fellow Baton Rouge producer Beat Flippa’s Southern Music Group. The group did not do well and soon collapsed. As DJ B Real had a mindset of an achiever, he did take his failure as a setback and continued to work and find his new passion, which landed him in the entrepreneurial world and his formed a new label, Pay the Producer Production. He formed this label in 2013, which gave him enough faith to release his debut, solo mixtape, Pay Da Producer, Vol. 1. It took a while for his label to establish and create a position in the market. After three years, DJ B Real brought in TBG Gang’s music. He worked on their two releases, Gorilla Gang, in 2015 and joined Da Gang in 2016. In addition to creating music, he used his expertise to introduce the underground to TBG members, Da Real Gee Money, and Fredo Bang.

DJ B Real from Bouta Rouge, Louisiana, has worked a day in and day out to create his identity in the country and still continues to do so. He is an inspiration for all the dreamers and an aspiration for achievers!


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