There was a time when there were text-only websites, which were used mostly for information purposes by institutions like government agencies and public institutions. With the growing involvement of internet usage, we are seeing that almost every business is creating a website to grow its market presence and reach maximum numbers of potential clients across the world. These days, there are so many websites, which leads to difficulty for common people t identify which type of web design Toronto is the right for them. To help make the right decision, we bring a detailed rundown of the most popular kinds of websites.

E-Commerce Website – If you have ever purchased something online using a website, then you would already understand ‘what an eCommerce website is.’ This is a platform where consumers can explore various types of products, sometimes only a single product, listed on the website and then proceed to place an order with the option to make payment and provide shipping details. In the current days, there is also an option to incorporate a dropshipping model into your online business to sell products from a third-party distributor.

An eCommerce web design Vancouver must be simple and aim to provide customers with the required information along with an image or video of the relevant product. Additionally, secure checkout is also an important feature of a good eCommerce website to keep customer information safe from hackers or data breaches.

Blog Website – Have you ever searched for useful information like ‘top trends in social media’ or ‘how to choose a professional web design agency?’ if yes, then you must have landed at an article or blog page where you can get the detailed information about the particular topic. These are the blog pages or even websites that are aimed to spread information about particular niches. A blog website is a website that has many blogs or articles, which can be run by an individual, a group of people, or even companies.

The prime goal of a blog website is to share information on a particular or a group of topics to attract an audience. The blog web design Toronto must be simple and engaging so that it does not make readers feel bored while reading a blog or article. It can also include some images to keep the readers engaged for longer.

Business Website – If you have not been living under a big rock for the past decade, you would know that almost every business these days is having a website that allows potential customers to have a look at its services or products. Be it a locksmith business, gutter cleaning agency, website design company, or accessories manufacturing company, you can see a website created by every business. A business website is a platform that allows businesses to share what they offer, awards and accolades, past examples of work, and a lot more information.

Portfolio Website – When you are running offering services like web design Vancouver, graphic designing, writing or even art, you would find portfolio websites to be the most useful for you to showcase your work and projects with others who may be interested in your services. The goal of portfolio websites is to make potential customers or employers to your portfolio easily check out their skills and expertise. Since this is mostly a simple website that lets you showcase your work, there is no need to create a complex design. You can also create your own portfolio website using platforms like WordPress or Wix.

Event Website – Although this is not a very common type of website, but many people or businesses create events or webinar websites to engage more and more potential participants and spread awareness about the event. The goal of this type of website is to streamline event management, from invites to marketing, and even through follow-up. The participants can also book tickets or space for the event. This is what makes it important that the work is handled by a professional web design agency  so that it can attract more participants.

Personal Website – In the current days, many people who want more and more people to know about themselves, their skills and abilities, create personal websites that can give a boost to their online presence. This type of website can be designed to promote individuality and interests, such as fan websites or hobby websites. Many personalities or professionals also use personal websites as CV websites to display who they are and what they’ve accomplished professionally.

So, now that you about the different types of websites and their purposes, go ahead and take the decision to create your own website that can help give a boost to your business or your idea.