Did you know that the foundation is a vital part of your house? Aside from holding the building up and keeping it even and supported, a good foundation insulates your home and keeps moisture out. It’s also a sturdy base that makes the house resilient to extreme forces of nature and severe weather conditions. For these reasons, never ignore signs that tell you if your home needs a foundation repair.

Signs You Need Your Foundation Repaired

If your home has unaddressed foundation issues or even faulty foundations, it might collapse!

Indications of a weakening foundation include uneven flooring, door gaps and sticking windows, bowing or cracked walls, displaced mouldings, moisture in your crawlspace, and cracks on your stair steps.

If you notice these signs, contact your local foundation repair specialists before it’s too late.

Depending on the problem, these specialists will rely on one of these foundation repair solutions below.

The Most Recommended Methods to Fix Foundation Issues

Here are some of the most common foundation repair solutions from the best foundation building contractors in your area.

Sealant and Masonry Patches

Using sealant and patches is one of the quickest and easiest fixes for cracked foundations. Cracked foundation slabs are prone to water infiltration and further water damage.

This method covers and seals cracks with waterproof sealers, hydraulic cement, epoxies, polyurethane, or vinyl concrete, to name a few.

Re-piling and Levelling

Re-piling is a foundation repair technique that replaces old or defective concrete piles with new subfloor timber or floorboards. The result is a more even and levelled flooring.

Helical Piers

The helical pier is a foundation repair solution for newly constructed homes or homes in need of renovations. It’s a flexible solution to challenging soil conditions, such as mudflats, sand reefs, or river estuary banks.

Slab Jacking

Also known as mud jacking, slab jacking is a technique that helps lift sunken or uneven concrete to its original, levelled form. It eliminates the need for replacing sunken and broken concrete.

Foundation specialists drill holes in the concrete slab and, using a hydraulic pump, push a mixture into the holes to slowly raise the slab.


Underpinning is a technique to strengthen a building’s footings. It addresses several foundation issues.

For instance, if the existing foundation is weak and unstable, if there’s a change in soil structure, or if the usage of the building has changed and requires a foundation reinforcement.

A modern version of underpinning uses precast concrete cylinders. These cylinders are pinned into the soil and, one by one, stacked on each other to form a pier. Blocks are added between the piers.

The process raises the foundation to make room for steel shims between the foundation and the block. Excavated soil is used to reinstate these holes.

So, there you have it: the most recommended foundation repair solutions that only the best foundation specialists in New Zealand offer.

These specialists may use traditional or modern techniques, but you can rely on their years of expertise and training.

Remember, if you see even the slightest sign of a faulty foundation, don’t hesitate to contact your local service provider today!