We all have that one place that we go to get away from it all. Some of us, might call this place the cabin or the backyard or perhaps even just Mom and Dad’s house. But, how do we find this special place? Do we simply throw a dart at the map and say, I’m going there!? The following suggestions will help you find your own My Lyn – and they could mean the difference between an amazing family vacation and an unforgettable one.

What Is a Lyn?

The word Lyn comes from the Welsh word meaning a group of dwellings. These days, a Lyn is more than a place where people live; it’s also a place where people can gather. For many families, this includes gathering for holidays such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, but for other families the family Lyn may be their home.

Sushi Restaurant Baden Baden is one restaurant that has created a community around themselves with their cozy atmosphere and authentic food. Owner Kristian Loerse was born in Germany and his wife, Sandra Loerse was born in Japan so they take pride in what they offer their customers at Sushi Restaurant Baden-Baden. They have created an environment where all types of people come together to eat sushi and experience something new every time they visit the restaurant. When you enter Sushi Restaurant Baden-Baden you are greeted by an employee who offers to take your coat and show you around. There is high seating, low seating, bar tables that seat four people or there are even booths that seat six to eight people if you’re feeling social!

How They Work

Named after the founders’ grandmothers, MyLyn is a place for family and friends to gather. It’s the perfect place for a night out or a cozy dinner during cold weather. The menu includes sushi, appetizers, salads, entrees, pasta dishes and desserts. All of the food is prepared fresh each day with ingredients from local markets. Plus, MyLyn features live jazz on Friday nights! Guests can enjoy the music while ordering cocktails in hand-crafted glassware. They also offer an extensive wine list as well as craft beer, sake and hand-crafted cocktails that are always made using premium spirits. And the best part? MyLyn is open late into the evening. What better way to spend your time than enjoying delicious food and drink with those you love most?

What People Are Saying

I just had dinner at My Lyn, a sushi restaurant in Baden-Baden, Germany. It was amazing! I can’t even put into words how good it was. -Nora, Baden-Baden I highly recommend that you check out this sushi restaurant when you are in town. The sushi is delicious, the atmosphere is great, and the service is excellent. I will be coming back here again on my next trip to Baden-Baden! I have lived in Berlin for over five years now, but have never been to Baden-Baden before. All of my friends who live in the area tell me about how great the food and drinks are there all the time so I decided to go for a visit last month. When we arrived at My Lyn, we were welcomed by friendly staff members who seated us right away. After looking over their menu, we decided on what we wanted and they served up our drinks while they prepared our sushi order. We chatted while waiting for our sushi plates and shared some laughs over all of our past adventures together–this was such an enjoyable meal!

No Monthly Fees!

The only thing that matters is the food, and ours tastes great. Sushi restaurant Baden Baden has no monthly fees, just great sushi.