With a brand new year waiting for you just ahead, it’s the perfect time to create New Year’s resolutions. For scuba divers who need a little inspiration, here’s a recommended list of New Year’s resolutions to make 2023 fun, exciting, and rewarding.  

2023 Scuba diving goals

Explore a new and exciting place

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One of the rewarding things about being a scuba diver is the opportunity to travel and discover new dive sites. Broaden your horizons this coming new year by traveling to a new and exciting place. Invite your favorite adventure buddy and make travel plans this 2023 to experience a new marine environment or revisit your favorite dive sites.

Nemo Diving Center invites you to visit the UAE and enjoy deep sea diving Dubai. We also have beginner courses in Dubai. For experienced divers, our scuba diving Fujairah trips feature untouched reefs and mysterious wrecks. These rich waters are a favorite playground of amazing marine creatures including a wide range of fish species, pelagics, macro creatures, rays, and turtles.

Green turtles, which are named after the greenish color of their skin, are often spotted gliding along these waters. You may also come across Hawksbill turtles that are noted for their pointed and narrow beaks. If you want to witness the transformation of the underwater world from day to night, you might want to sign up for our next night scuba diving Fujairah

Continue your dive education 

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If you’re a beginner, you can make it a goal to become an advanced diver in 2023. PADI Advanced Open Water Diving will enhance your knowledge and skills. This three-day program will certify you to dive up to a depth of 30m with a dive buddy and enable you to explore more challenging dive sites in different parts of the world. 

For advanced divers, taking a specialty course can sharpen your skills for specific types of diving. Some of the popular specialty dive courses include Deep Dive, Enriched Air (Nitrox), Night Dive, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Search & Recovery, and more. 

Experience liveaboard diving

For an extended dive adventure, Nemo Diving Center offers liveaboard scuba diving Egypt. Tick off this amazing experience from your bucket list this 2023. Spend a week exploring the beautiful Marsa Alam, Egypt aboard a steel boat with like-minded divers who share the same passion for the ocean.

Egypt is noted for its pristine reefs that are home to fascinating marine life including 1,200 species of bony fish. These waters are also home to more than 200 species of corals. Other possible marine life sightings are wild Spinner dolphins and a variety of shark species including Hammerhead, Longimanus, Thresher Shark, and Grey Shark. Hawksbill turtles can also be spotted in the area. Get in touch with our dive shop Dubai to know more about the details of our Egypt liveaboard. 

Participate in ocean cleanup dives 

Be an active ocean ambassador by participating in conservation efforts such as beach and ocean cleanup dives. Help protect the health of the ocean by reducing litter. Every helping hand can lessen the threat of marine debris and make the underwater world a safer environment for aquatic life.

Have a great New Year!

We hope this list inspires you to create more meaningful New Year’s resolutions to improve your dive skills, broaden your dive goals, and continue your dive journey.