There are many tips and strategies to get started in cricket betting. The approach is important here. And to start winning in cricket betting here are a few betting tips. The best online cricket betting site in the sub-continent happens to be Betacular.

  • Weather conditions: Weather can play a spoilsport, especially in cricket. Many matches were postponed as a result of rain. So read the forecast before your wager. If you want to win some money on an online cricket betting site, then be wise and responsible.

The spinner will have a tough time bowling because the ball is wet and tends to slip. As there are many online cricket betting sites in India there are good and bad things as well.

  • One Day Internationals: This is the best starting point in betting for beginners. There are tons of materials to study the teams playing in ODIs. And take this as an opportunity to sharpen your skills for the future. If you want to play on an online cricket betting site then play on Betacular. Look for lucrative odds offered by bookmakers and find out which is the best for you. Betacular wins hands down among all the online gambling sites.


  • Betting during live games: Stay away from this the bookies have some bad options like the next batsman out or for that matter the next dismissal method. These are totally based on luck and not skill. Then comes the coin toss. This plays a crucial factor in the outcome of the game as the weather does. It is a usual sight for the players to wait for the coin toss before they begin to wager. The player might get confused as there are too many online gambling sites.


  • T20 bets in cricket: This is nothing new and is a good avocation for some punters who are serious. It is being reiterated that the best online IPL betting site is Betacular. The pitch does deteriorate but does not play a role in the outcome of the match. And like pitch the dew factor is also negligible. Here is a game where the final result is purely based on the teams and nothing else. The skill and the abilities of the player will be put to test. The better-performing team gets to win the match. It is that simple. There are some cricket betting sites that have no license. So be cautious.


Final Thoughts: The betting tips elaborated above will help you win as winning is what matters at the fag end of the day. Some online IPL betting sites are blacklisted, so before you wager be advised. And with time you will gain experience and knowledge and you will start predicting better and then you can move to higher and more complicated matches. I am sure you will agree with me after your research that Betacular is the best cricket betting site.