Using mind and body techniques and medical equipment, biofeedback therapy teaches one to control their health. Through the equipment and sensor attached to the body, patients access their biological processes quickly. 

The methods are usually involuntary activities that happen in the body, including heart rate, muscle tension, blood pressure, temperature, and more. One can do an in-depth study of the body, control the mind, relax, and manage our heart rate. But biofeedback treatment offers more than just controlling involuntary functions in the body. Through therapy, one can improve their physical, emotional, mental, physiological, and spiritual well-being. 

We are already using a type of biofeedback in our daily lives. One is checking through a thermometer our body temperature and gazing in the mirror to know how we look! Let us learn how biofeedback can help with the pain.

Pain and Therapy

When a body goes through immense pain, post-accident, exercise, or any other reason, you only want to find an ideal way to get rid of it. You may have tried physical therapy, medications, and a lot more. 

But the pain turned out to be chronic and unmanageable, affecting your routine life. Biofeedback therapists believe stress is one of the leading factors for pain. So, what is Biofeedback Therapy For Pain? Let us learn how biofeedback can work effectively to reduce pain

  • Muscle tension Reduction

When muscles get stuck for a long time in a tense state, patients go through chronic pain complications, which can worsen day by day. Through biofeedback, you relax your muscle; the tightness reduces too. 

When you walk or do activities, you will notice that the pain is gone in no time. When your muscles are relaxed, your body feels relaxed too. You are in a state that comforts you rather than makes you feel in pain. Biofeedback treatment proves effective for pain and all other complications occurring due to muscle tension.

  • Mental Illness

People don’t often consider mental illness to be a reason for pain. But you will be surprised to know that mental problems can be one of the leading reasons patients go through body pain. Prolonged mental illness can cause depression anxiety and impact pain levels. 

You may notice unusual pain in the body part, one of the reasons for mental and emotional state. With therapy, patients cope with emotional stress and mental illness. You are less likely to feel pain when you can control your mood!

  • Pain perception

When we are hypertension or anxious, it is a state of hypervigilance. It is when you are highly aware of pain levels. It can be one of the reasons why your mind starts catastrophizing. It is a situation where your mind makes you worry excessively about your pain. 

You can control what you think, how much you think, and relax your mental state through a biofeedback treatment. You can change your pain perception to reduce the impact of pain on your body. It is a way to cope with unwanted pain and suffering that a patient goes through. 

  • Sleep cycle

You may assume that you are getting a healthy sleep because you don’t feel exhausted and don’t realize your sleep pattern gets disrupted until it’s too late. Work pressure, education, financial stress, and personal problems can cause sleep disturbances. 

Even though you don’t think sleep can cause pain, it can! Sleeping less can contribute to stress, further affecting your mental state. And as discussed above, all of it is a contributing factor to pain.


Biofeedback therapy has shown signs of relief for patients dealing with pain. No matter the seriousness of pain, a therapist can help you reduce it. Sometimes the pain occurs only because one thinks about it too much. 

And many times, it can be manageable, but our over-burdening of pain can lead to excessive pain and suffering. That’s when therapy involving biofeedback comes to the rescue, heals us, helps us manage and alleviate the pain.