A car service is a checkup for maintenance which is conducted at regular intervals of time or at least annually or after a car has been driven for a specific number of miles. The service intervals are specified by the car manufacturer by preparing a service schedule that the owner is supposed to follow.

A car service includes the replacement of fluids and parts that are getting old inside the car. Visual inspections are also carried out, to determine whether the main components are still properly working. Overall, servicing cars on timely manner ensures proper functioning of cars for a long period.

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Types of Car Services- Points to Note-

There are essentially three varied types of car service. When you go to different dealerships and garages, you can find that the packages are called by different things to make them sound unique. But these are broadly the same in all cases – Interim, Full and Major. These three different levels are in a tiered pricing structure.

In each package, there is everything included with some additional that will be needed by your vehicle at various stages of your car ownership. The kind of service that you require depends on the number of miles that you travel in a year as well as the service level that you opted for previously.

  1. Interim Service:

This is an entry level package which is sometimes also referred to as a bronze service or Basic service. It is designed for drivers who drive their vehicles for many miles – 20,000 or even more per year and might need multiple yearly services.

This kind of a car service generally includes an inspection of the primary components of the vehicle, such as the:

  • Windscreen wipers,
  • Tires and lights,
  • Change of oil filter and
  • Change of oil

Some other important inclusions in this kind of service package are a complete inspection for any leakage in fluid, lubrication of all the movable components such as the brake, change of fluids and servicing of the engine.

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  1. Full Service:

This is also referred to as a silver service or Intermediate car service and is generally recommended after every 12,000 miles or 12 months – whichever comes first. It is perfect for drivers who drive their cars for fewer numbers of miles and only get their vehicle serviced one time per year.

This includes more inspections and service replacement of components other than those that are executed at the time of an interim service. Some of the tasks that are included in this service package include testing of electrical components like starter, motor, alternator and battery, inspection of shock absorbers and wheel bearings, extensive inspection of brake, change of spark plugs change of filter (air filter and fuel filter), checking of coolant hose and radiator, inspection of the air conditioning system etc.

  1. Major Service:

In this car service package, you get full service for your car apart from a recommendation of replacement of components after every 2 years, such as the cabin filter and the brake fluid. Over a period, brake fluid can get dirty, and this can reduce the effectiveness of the brakes.

Final Words-

Finally, a car service can ensure that your vehicle functions properly every time you set off for driving. To ensure long-lasting regular functioning of your car, you should take your vehicle for servicing every six months or more often as per the needs. These efficient car services are also a great way to check up on any existing problems with your vehicle and make sure they don’t get worse.