A slender roll ‘Potata’, sent out to India by the Bangladeshi food monster, appreciates tremendous spotlight in the FMCG section. The brand’s custom item is a hit – from gathering the right web-based entertainment consideration regarding procured natural inclusion!

Following Potata’s prosperity, India’s significant roll players – ITC and Britannia, have likewise forayed into this novel potato bread roll classification. While all the energy is basically because of the imaginative saltine design and its exquisite taste profile, it additionally shows the moving inclinations of Indian buyers and the change of the bread roll industry overall.

What Makes ‘Potata’ Potato Crackers The Sensational Snack?

What makes Potata remarkable and how could it turn into a tremendous hit in India? Reply to this question lies in the solution to a few different inquiries: Why is Nestle Maggi the most Food Colour favored moment noodle brand across ages? How did DS Group’s Pulse treats gain huge notoriety even as a few tart and lemony confections were at that point accessible on the lookout? How has Parle-G figured out how to be the world’s biggest selling bread roll brand for quite a long time? A possible clarification could be the manner in which these brands engaged the buyers’ sentimentality and their capacity to make a critical, perfect balance to them space. In these lines, Potata has some way or another struck a similar wistful harmony.

These imaginative slight rolls are light and thin, and buyers can chomp on them in one go. The interesting blend of tart, sweet, pungent, and hot preferences makes it even more overwhelming.

Indian FMCG Giants Join The New Potato Cracker Bandwagon, Maintaining Competitive Pricing.

Potata, which pretty much made another sub-section called Potato saltines, as it were, heightened contest in the Rs. 6,000-crore Indian saltine bread rolls market. FMCG goliaths Britannia and ITC before long followed into the fragment competing to catch a bigger portion of the market. ITC carried out its ‘Sunfeast All Rounder’ around June 2021 while Britannia sent off ’50-50 Potazos’ the following month. The two packs were comparative in the plan, symbolism, and variations – chatpata masala and masti masala – separately.

Cremica and Unibic likewise sent off their items under the fragment during the last 50% of 2021. Both sent off two variations every one of their item. Cremica Non-Stop Potato saltines offered Crunchy Masala and Pizza as flavor choices while Unibic Snappers offered choices Indi Spice and Cream n ‘Onion.

With the item and their variations proceeding to pick up speed in the commercial center, it will not be astounding for see other significant producers joining the wafer club soon.

How Does Potato Crackers Became an Instant Hit In India?

Potato bread rolls are selling quickly and are famous particularly in metropolitan India.

Brands and makers are expecting to provide food their superior contributions in this custom saltine design. While there isn’t a lot of distinction in the taste and flavor portfolio, we should see a couple of unpretentious drivers of this creative and moving bite:

Indian buyers intuitively and promptly approach masala and tart flavors.

The imaginative blend of flavors additionally reverberates with the sweet and zesty taste of the subcontinent.

These bread rolls taste better compared to standard pungent bread rolls, offer incredible chomp, and are esteem valued.

Wafer bread rolls are liked for ordinary utilization.

The flexible potato rolls Chilli Sauce can be delighted in with different plunges and utilized as a base for different garnishes.

As shoppers invest more energy at home because of the pandemic, they think about this new in-home nibble a superior choice.

 In The Highly Competitive Indian Biscuit Market How Would Potato Crackers Fare?

As per the PR Newswire data discharge, India positions third in the enormous roll market on the planet, after the USA and China. India’s coordinated bread roll market esteem is roughly between Rs. 37,000 crore and Rs. 40,000 crore. The delivery additionally makes reference to that out of the complete worth portion of the Indian bread roll market, the coordinated market offers more than 70%, and the area is supposed to develop at around 10% through 2025.

Britannia and Parle Products rule more than 70% of the Indian roll market, denoting their presence in multiple million stores. ITC positions third in the general piece of the pie, and is trailed by others including Unibic and Cremica. With all vital participants in the market seeking after a potato wafer showcasing play forcefully, the portion is set to observe hazardous development throughout the next few months.


Potato wafers, as a classification, has without a doubt caught the Indian buyers’ mindshare. By drumming up some excitement in the Indian buyer market with its remarkable Potata, has propelled Indian makers and nibble devotees to create and improve around more delectable, better and novel contributions. For example, enrobed wafers from Indonesia, similar to Garuda Food’s Gery Gone Mad and Mayora’s Malkist, stand out, and will undoubtedly be promoted soon by the Indian goliaths. Also, the purchasers are in for astonishing contributions that perhaps break the limits of rolls, chips and different bites. Like Potata did.