Powertrac is one of the popular tractor brands in India, which is well-known for its exclusive products. The tractor brand is highly developed because it is most used in the India agriculture sector. However, the company offers many excellent farming equipment such as tractors, cultivators and many more. Due to its wide range of tractors, the brand has high fame among the farmers. Let’s look at the Popular Powertrac tractor models. 




The 55 HP Powertrac Euro 55 popular tractor in India is powered by a 4-cylinder engine unit. With an engine capacity of 3630 CC, generating an engine rated of 1850 rpm. The tractor is equipped with Full Constant Mesh Transmission, including Dual Clutch options. This transmission is equipped with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears, which helps it to achieve a top speed of 30.4 kmph in the forward gears. This tractor has 47 HP PTO HP, which is a 6-spline setup. To provide optimum performance with the rear tire, i.e. Power tire is available in 14.9 X 28/16.9 x 28 Inches, and the Front Tire, also known as the Steer tire, is available in the size of 6.5 X 16/7.5 X 16 Inches. In addition, Powertrac Euro 55 is available with ADDC hydraulic control, which helps improve lifting performance. 




Powertrac Euro 60 sports a wheelbase of 2220 mm, which helps better stability for on-road and off-road usage. The total weight of this tractor is 2400 KG, i.e. 2.4 Ton. The overall length of the tractor is 3700 mm, the width is 1900 mm, and the ground clearance is 432 mm. These dimensions make this tractor an overall balanced tractor. Powertrac Euro 60 is equipped with a 60-litre fuel tank. This powerful 60 HP engine is mated to a 10-speed gearbox, which includes 8 forward and 2 reverse gears.

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