Those who are struggling with infertility are uncomfortably aware that in vitro fertilization (IVF) can come with a number of complications. Some of these are physical: the pain of injections, the discomfort of side effects from a barrage of fertility medications, the inconvenience of traveling – sometimes long distances or even overseas – for treatments.

Some of these complexities are emotional. A failed IVF cycle can be heartbreaking for women or couples who are desperately longing to become parents. There is also fear and anxiety associated with undergoing procedures, especially for those who are afraid of needles and injections.
One other issue with IVF is the high price tag. Traditional IVF in particular can be very expensive, with large amounts of pricey medications.

One fertility clinic is fighting back against all of these, including the financial aspect of fertility treatments. RFC has pioneered gentle and natural IVF methods and does everything possible to cut down on the use of overpriced medications, offering a huge variety of alternatives including holistic treatments.
And now, RFC is even offering a money back opportunity through grant applications, something never before seen in the fertility industry.
Applicants are eligible if the household income is less than $60,000 per year and the couple has no infertility benefits by insurance. For those eligible, there are just three simple steps:
Apply by filing the paperwork with RFC, including their previous year’s tax returns
RFC founder and medical director Dr. Zaher Merhi will review the applications with clinical data pertinent to the applicants
Every single month, one application will be granted, paying for 12 IVF cycles for the year of 2023!
More detailed rules and regulations will be given during the application process to ensure eligibility. More information is available on RFC’s Instagram social media accounts (@rejuvenatingfertilitycenter and @dr_merhi).

Rejuvenating Fertility Center (RFC) has 4 locations in New York and 1 location in Connecticut. RFC can help patients no matter where they are located, as a huge number of RFC patients – a massive 40% – are located all over the world. With outside monitoring (OM), patients have access to coveted RFC protocols, and RFC doctors will manage all IVF cycles. Patients need only find a lab, OBGYN, or clinic near them that offers blood draws and ultrasounds.

For more information, please email at [email protected] or call at (203)-557-9696.