“The idea behind Melvor Idle is also completely in line with our fundamental values of what makes live games — this is a perfect match we could have,” the CEO says. “Furthermore the concept of offering someone in our community an opportunity to make a difference has really excited everyone at the office.”

Pfieffer and his fellow colleagues have They tried Melvor Idle on their own and were pleasantly surprised enough that they reached out to Malcolm in hopes of discussing the idea of working together in the beginning of 2021.

“From only our first interactions we realized that Brendan shares Jagex’s philosophy of community-driven games and has done a great job of building a healthy and active communities around Melvor Idle OSRS Gold. It’s extremely rare to meet an ideal match when looking for publishing opportunities, but Brendan along with Melvor Idle are the perfect match, so we took the chance to give him our support and the game fully.

The author adds: “We like to say that if RuneScape can be described as the MMO that can be played while watching television, Melvor is the idle game that can be enjoyed while playing RuneScape. Melvor Idle takes RuneScape’s core gameplay mechanics and breaks the experience into bite-sized bits that are enjoyable even when time is tight, so RuneScape players will be at comfortable in Melvor.But aside from that, it’s an exceptional idle game. Additionally, its ability to let players decide their own way through the game helps it distinguish itself from the plethora of idle games that force players into increasing their number of players indefinitely.”

The discussions continued to progress as did the discussions. Melvor Idle was soon signed to Jagex Partners, the RuneScape publisher of the company. Jagex offered Malcolm the development guidance and also assisted to complete a brand revamp in addition to assisting with the management of communities and localisation, turning a game developed by one person to be available in 13 languages (so so far).

The game was launched in the month of April but even its Early Access version proved this formula was well-received by RPG players. It was downloaded over 600,000 times through Steam and the two major apps for mobile devices. This far exceeded his initial hopes when Malcolm began his journey. Naturally, he was hoping that his strategy would succeed but the game didn’t have an “endgame to think about.

“Luckily the enthusiasm that was a source of inspiration these early days has stayed with me throughout the last couple of years of development, and being capable of working in conjunction with Jagex to directly tackle this project is an absolute dream come true,” he says. “I never imagined that I’d eventually get the support of the very studio which inspired me in the beginning.

Making the transition from a hobby to a fan-run project was definitely scary and yet buying osrs accounts, looking at where I’ve ended-up, and the support I’ve received since establishing Games by Malcs as an rising studio, it’s definitely paid off for the best.”