Tiger reserves are protected places that work to preserve habitat in order to maintain a robust tiger population and prey base in their environment. Tiger reserves are derived from tigers, so why are they so significant?

In Indian culture, tigers are revered. Throughout history, it has served as a symbol of grandeur, strength, beauty, and ferocity. It has come to represent our audacity and might. The tiger is also important in Hindu mythology as the chariot of Goddess Durga.

If you’re in Rajasthan and looking for tigers, Sariska National Park should be on your itinerary. Rajasthan is well-known for its forts, palaces, wildlife reserves, and stunning temples.

The most well-known animal and bird sanctuaries are Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary, Ranthambore National Park, Mukundra Hills National Park, Sariska Tiger Reserve, and Desert National Park.

When is the best time to visit Sariska Tiger Reserve?

For the majority of animals, the rainy season is when they reproduce; therefore, the trails are dangerous. There are a few open spaces around Hanuman Temple that you can visit.

The tiger trip is ideal from October to June, according to the forest’s guidelines. Winters are milder and easier to handle than summers.

Aside from tigers, this time of year is ideal for migrating birds. There are over 225 bird species to be seen here, making it a bird watcher’s paradise during this time of year.

Day 1

Your journey will begin the next day when you are driven to Sariska Tiger Reserve in the evening. You will be driven to Sariska by cab or private tourist bus from your hotel, airport, or train station.

Check into your Sariska resort accommodations and unwind for a bit. The evening is yours to spend as you like, whether resting at the resort or touring the nearby town of Sariska.

We will provide entertainment events such as folk music or a campfire at Sariska Hotel to make the most of your stay. Get a good night’s sleep after that to prepare for an exciting morning.

Day 2

The entire day will be full of adventure and excitement. After a leisurely breakfast, you will depart for an exhilarating wildlife jungle safari in Sariska Tiger Reserve.

Early in the morning is the best time to go on a jungle safari in Sariska Tiger Reserve since you have a higher possibility of sighting tigers and other exotic species. Following the morning safari, you will be brought to the hotel for lunch. Rest up so you’re ready for the wildlife excursion in the afternoon.

You will have multiple opportunities to explore Sariska’s flora and wild animals during the afternoon woodland safari. You must be exhausted after two forest excursions in a single day. As a result, we will transport you to the hotel, where you can have meals and rest in your beautiful rooms.

Day 3

A journey is extremely significant in our lives since it expands our thoughts and helps us live our lives in a better way. We will help you make the most of your 2 nights 3 days in Sariska.

On the third day, we will all prepare to leave the Sariska resort and return home. We’ll get up just where we left off on the bus. You will be driven or taxied home. We will leave you with wonderful experiences that will last a lifetime. This will be the formal end of this great journey.

Final Words

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