As a solution to the first problem mentioned above, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology has set up a supplementary budget for Reiwa 3 and an initial budget for Reiwa 4, saying that the establishment of a “GIGA school management support aws training” is effective.

So far, we have been developing “people” centered support, such as assigning aws training support staff to school sites for the operation of GIGA schools. However, the current situation is that the board of education of each local government and each school has not been able to secure human resources with the skills to solve the technical problems that have become apparent in the operation.

Schools over a wide area by utilizing private businesses

Therefore, to develop and enhance a support system centered on an “organization” that supports the ICT operation of schools over a wide area by utilizing private businesses, the “GIGA School Management Support Center Development Project” was launched in the 3rd year of Rewa. A supplementary budget of 5.2 billion yen and a draft initial budget of 1 billion yen for the 4th year of Reiwa were recorded.

This budget aims to establish a “GIGA School Management Support Center” in each local government, etc., which provides one-stop support for schools, and to support the construction of a management support system to promote the use of ICT independently. The “GIGA School Management Support Center” is supposed to be a “cooperation implementation type” in which prefectures and other municipalities cooperate.

Support for dealing with breakdowns

The main outsourced work is the operation and support of help desks, the elimination of shortages and uneven distribution of ICT support personnel, support for dealing with breakdowns and troubles when ICT terminals are brought home on holidays, and technologies such as network troubles. Support is expected.

The national government will subsidize part of the costs for prefectural governments to outsource these operations to private businesses. The “cooperation implementation type” is expected to bring about economies of scale and eliminate regional differences by collaborating in as wide a range as possible, such as in each education office.

This subsidy is a support from the national government to have each local government proactively promote the ITIL training education / GIGA school concept, so the priority will change depending on what you want to do and how. I think. I would like each local government to draw a vision and consider how education should be and how to proceed with ICT education. There is no fixed answer to the range of operations and utilization methods of the GIGA School Management Support Center. We also have a willingness to go.

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