The fabric velvet is soft, sleek and commonly used for textile applications including intimate garments, upholstered furniture, and upholstery. Historically, velvet textiles were expensive to produce, so its use was usually restrict to the aristocracy. Despite its adulteration with cheap synthetic materials, modern velvet remains one of the softest and man-made Self Adhesive Velvet Fabric materials ever created.

Self Adhesive Velvet Fabric

How is velvet fabric use?

Velvet’s main characteristic is its softness, which makes it ideal for uses where Self Adhesive Velvet materials are place close to the skin. In addition to its tactile qualities, velvet also has a distinctive visual appeal, making it a popular choice for home decor, such as curtains and throw pillows. When it comes to home decor, velvet has a multi-sensory quality that is almost unmatch by other fabrics.

Bedding is sometimes made from velvet because of its softness. These blankets are commonly use as in sulative blankets between sheets and duvets. The use of velvet is much more prevalent in women wear than in menswear. It is use to accentuate womanly curves and create beautiful evening wear. Stiff velvet is use to make hats, and it is also use to line gloves.

How much does velvet fabric cost?

Most synthetic velvets are quite inexpensive. Silk velvet, on the other hand, may cost hundreds of dollars per yard due to its labor-intensive manufacturing. The cost of woven fabric made with sustainable materials will always be higher than cheap fabric made from synthetic textiles.

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