Services for company secretarial

It can be difficult to find a supplier who is proficient in Company Secretarial matters in all jurisdictions.

Company Secretarial duties differ in each country, with subtle differences between statutory requirements and significant differences in the consequences for non-compliance. These challenges have been extensively researched by us.

This results in a uniform and coordinated service that lowers the risk of non-compliance, increases scale and eliminates the burden of your own secretarial duties Family Office Singapore.
Activities in Company Secretarial Service:

  • We will prepare and submit an annual secretarial plan for the calendar year, in accordance to the Companies Act 2017, 2017 (Act) as well as the Articles of Association.
  • All periodical statutory returns required by the Companies Act 2017 (Act), shall be prepared on the basis of the information we have received within the prescribed timeframe. These returns will be filed online, submitted to the Company for signatures, and filed physically with the Joint Registrar of Companies Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (Registrar).
  • We will assist you in maintaining statutory books.
  1. Notices and minutes of Board of Directors Meetings
  2. Notices and minutes of General Meetings, and other pertinent documents.
  • If you request and authorize us to represent you in any case brought up by Registrar regarding late or non-filing a statutory return, we will.
  • We will provide the Registered Office service with or without mail handling
  • We will provide outsourced services for Company Secretary and Directorship
  • We will provide services for registration at Central Depository Centre [CDC]
  • We will provide services to register the Fund [PF or GF Employees Fund] together with the registering authority.
  • We will provide services for registration at Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry [KCCI].
  • In the case of NPOs, we will provide services for registration with Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy [PCP].

Top 10 Reasons to Outsource

  1. Save Time Once the mundane finance and accounting work has been completed, you can focus on your core activities.
  2. Use resources more efficiently Resources that were previously tied up can be released for business building and give you a competitive advantage.
  3. Concentrate on core activities Outsourcing non-core/fringe activity increases reliability of service provision
  4. Professional service provision guaranteed You have access to global expertise, resources and support.
  5. Reduce labour costs Eliminate the hassle of hiring, training and supervising accountant staff.
  6. Reduce risk Ensure compliance with deadlines to eliminate the possibility of fines.
  7. Reduce waste Only buy what you really need. Out sourcers pay for accountants, payroll staff, and costly accounting systems.
  8. Data security Ring fence Confidential information, including information about salaries.
  9. Develop a close and constructive relationship with authoritiesIt is helpful to have personal contacts with authorities. You can give your expert a power-of-attorney or use a databox. BDO guarantees the accuracy of all documents. We can also represent you in any institution or inspection.
  10. Share the risk

What are the other benefits?

We can reduce the cost for your accounts department.

  1. Direct costs include salaries, incentives and sick pay.
  2. Indirect costs include office space, computers and printers, software, hardware maintenance and upgrades, rental, electricity, and cleaning services.
  3. Hidden costs of employment: hiring and firing, refresher courses and initial training, management supervision of bookkeeping, and many other things