If you plan on venturing into the candle and soap-making industry through a home-based business, there are several things to consider. Aside from drafting a business plan and an effective marketing campaign, you must source your soap and candle supplies.

Seasoned candle and soap makers understand the importance of trusted suppliers that can provide you with everything required. Aside from acquiring raw materials that determine the product’s quality, consider packaging options that will make your brand stand out.

Basic Materials to Buy When Starting a Soap and Candle Business

Let us help you start your soap and candle business with this list of materials required.

Raw Materials

Soap makers rely on fundamental ingredients to make their products. The most basic include vegetable oil, animal fat, pure lye, water, fragrance, oils and scents, colourants, and alcohol, if necessary. However, modern soap-making has introduced newer materials to produce better-quality products.

For instance, soapers incorporate Hyaluronic acid powder to add anti-aging benefits to their products. Others add Salicylic acid to provide relief and care for skin disorders such as acne and dandruff. White mineral oil is also a practical addition to the soap formula for its moisturising effect.

There’s still a long list of extra ingredients that we won’t be able to cover in this article. Your choice of raw materials should depend on what you want your products to offer.

For making candles, the basic materials include beeswax, paraffin, and stearin. You can customise your product by adding fragrance oils and other scents to the mixture. We’ll talk about them in the next section.


Both soap and candle recipes use scents and fragrance oils. These scents can be artificial or found in nature. These fragrances play a vital role in how your customers will experience your products and how you can make your creations memorable.

Fruity, floral, minty, and baking-inspired scents are some of the most popular options. You can also choose from a selection of musky and woody fragrances. Some soap and candle suppliers also offer designer scents that will help you create a unique scent combination.


Moulds give your products their signature shape. Your choice of mould will also add character to your brand as it determines the product’s visual and sensory appeal.

Your soaps and candles can come in generic block slabs or cylinders. However, candle and soap mould suppliers offer custom options if you want to be more creative and unique.


Don’t forget that moulds will dictate the type of container required for packaging and shipping your products.

Handmade soaps should be individually packed. You can either use natural and eco-friendly materials like brown paper. Alternatively, you can use plastic wrap to keep the soap in crisp, solid form.

Candles not set in glass containers can use the same paper packaging, rolling individual products in brown or coloured paper material. Package your candles separately to prevent them from melting into other candles.

Additionally, remember that your products are fragile. When packing your products for shipping overseas, choose a sturdy box with a solid structure to prevent your products from breaking.

These are the basic soap and candle materials to buy for aspiring makers. Remember to get these supplies from your trusted soap and candle store for the best deal and highest quality materials. Have fun!