To make a mark as one of the top wedding photographers in Goa you should not only have complete control over your craft (how to take photos) but also know to edit as well as choose the best photo album for your client. A wedding album is more than a simple repository of images, but it can be compared to a time capsule that records the wonderful moments of your wedding day. Therefore, you must take great care in designing your photo album and choosing the right photos that would tell the complete story of the day. To help you out in this endeavour, we have talked to some of of the best wedding photographers in Mumbai  and have come up with a few tips on how to make your photo album amazing.

Choose your favor photos


The first thing you have to do is choose your favourite photos amongst hundreds that your photographer has taken. It is one of the daunting tasks because you have the onerous task of choosing photos that would help you to tell a story visually through the photos. You must choose those photos in which you felt something (excitement, happiness et cetera), this will allow you to relive those moments even many years later by just looking at those pictures.

Your album design style

There are multiple ways in which you can design your wedding album. You should carefully think about various themes and then finally select one that complements your wedding theme. For example, you can choose the red and gold album theme that showcases the traditional Hindu wedding. Whatever colour you choose, it should bring out the overall theme of your marriage ceremony.

The perfect cover

There is no fixed theme or colour or layout for your wedding album cover. You can make your wedding album with the centred photo of the couple, or you can have a beautiful close-up photograph of the couple that is fit the entire cover. Don’t feel restricted, and give free rein to your imagination and you will create something truly beautiful.

The chronological order

When you are arranging the photos and album, then make sure that they are arranged in the right chronological order of various ceremonies and rituals associated with your wedding. For this, you must be fully aware of the wedding rituals of a Hindu marriage.

Beautiful candid photographs

While it is true that the marriage ceremony is to link two souls, you should not forget all your guests and family members who have come together on this happy occasion to bless you in your new life. You should put some beautiful candid photographs that will show how your family and friends are enjoying this wonderful day and are happy for you.