Hair care-related tips are one of the most widely searched topics when it comes to self-grooming, personal and beauty care, more than men it is women who are more conscious about their hair and their beauty because hair is what adds beauty to a girl, the way a girl maintains her hair speaks a lot about her state of mind, the way she looks at her self and how much she cares about self-care.

Out of the many problems that women suffer because of hair care the most commonly searched problem with regards to hair care is the problem of split ends. Split ends in the modern age are a problem that at least 5 out of 10 women are suffering from. The prime reason behind the appearance of split ends is the rapid exposure to harsh chemicals and styling equipment just the way our skin is not able to adapt to the sudden changes in the environment around similarly the hair is prone to breakage due to extreme heat that is generated due to styling equipment.

But can we blame it all n the fashion industry and the trends which are being introduced by celebrities and further being bought into the limelight by “social media influencers “? Split ends can have numerous reasons the hormonal imbalance in the body sometimes poor diet and nutrition etc. Like everything around has a variety the same applies to split ends as well?

A very well-known dermatologist who has been operating his hair transplant centre in Ludhiana has with his extensive research on hair wellness and care over the years enlisted three kinds of splits that happen in the hair of an individual.

Types of split end that people are not aware of 

  1. Free split – As per the free split the ends of the hair diverge like two rods the ends are mostly shaped like v and the hair thus stops growing because the ends are separated from one another. 
  2. Knot split – As per the definition of a knot split occurs when the hair is not detangled at regular intervals, this results in the hair follicles forming knots among themselves that tend to open the ways for breakage and thus lead to hair fall one way of dealing with his is to detangle one’s hair at regular intervals. 
  3. Tree split – As per the tree split the split occurs in the hair strand at multiple places and the hair becomes weaker and weaker as we go down thus the hair does not have any chance of growing because it has been weakened at several places. 

Are split ends a result of hormonal imbalance??

Yes, it is true split ends do have a connection with the hormonal imbalance of the body for example the reason for hormonal imbalance is when there are high levels of testosterone in females and less estrogen which gives birth to symptoms like facial hair, acne, etc. Thus high testosterone and low estrogen wipe out all the natural oils from the scalp that nourish the hair follicles. People actually come to me asking me about the hair transplant cost in Punjab but when the problem is within the outward treatment won’t last long.” concluded a dermatologist