Your Everyday Heroes has been proud to spotlight the inspiring story of spray paint graffiti writer Laurynas Buzinskas. We were drawn to him not only because of his obvious talent in graffiti tagging, but because of his ability to turn his once-illegal passion into a legitimate career.

We believe that a great deal of our audience will relate to his story, and we hope you come away from it with a greater drive to fulfill your own destinies.

It is not his graffiti tagging skill that makes Laurynas an everyday hero. It is what he uses his skill for. He paved his own way, never giving up on his dream even when it seemed like his naysayers were right.

Before getting into his story, we’d like to plug his company Yolocone Graphics. Take one look at the linked portfolio, and you’ll have a good idea of what Laurynas is capable of as a graffiti writer.

A Portrait of the Graffiti Writer as a Young Man

For Laurynas, getting to where he is now was no easy process, especially considering the inherent risk of his passion: spray paint graffiti. As a youth in Vilnius, Lithuania, he would stay out all night honing his graffiti tagging, living a fast life that seemed like it could only end badly. And it almost did. After graffiti tagging trains with his friend, Laurynas caught a case that nearly landed him two years in prison, something he was thankfully able to avoid.