Some people assume that success does not come from dedication but is handed to them. Fighting for that token gives them control, authority, and the belief that they can influence others. Others say that success can get more definite with a certain amount of discipline practiced daily. They believe success comes from within and cannot be handed over to everyone because there can be moments when they cannot take responsibility, believing it to be innate. To maintain one’s success, one must learn how to cultivate it.

Success comes in various forms, and contrary to popular belief, it cannot be confined to a person holding a position or title. Real success is the ability to influence the people around you. Once you have people around you practicing what you preach, it gives you a sense of authority which, in time, becomes a habit. If there comes a time when you are no longer successful, you cannot comprehend the situation, and it takes quite a toll on you. You somehow forget the life you had lived before this.

Real success brings power. Power is about the amount of control you have over somebody, which can increase or decrease over time depending on your influence and impact on people. It fluctuates with our choices and the thoughts that churn through our brains all day. What people understand by our choices, thoughts, and actions is up to their interpretation. We can never suppose what the other person is about to do; in return, they can never gamble on our intents, which is why success can be pretty complicated. Similarly, you cannot depend on inheriting success from someone else since you never know whether it will improve in the long run or if the person is screwing you over and taking advantage of your trust in them to benefit them.

Being successful means using your power for good and being there for someone. When you are in a position of power, you can use your ability to help the people around you by facilitating them. It resonates and uplifts your inabilities, providing a platform to speak about what you think is right.

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