Australia’s curricula are similar to those in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada. Teachers from these countries may have the best chance of success in Australia with a bachelor of education in Australia. 

There are private and public schools in both rural and metropolitan Australia. These schools adhere to the same math, science, and English curriculum as those in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and other Western countries. English-speaking instructors are in high demand in Australia for private and governmental institutions. 

Bachelor of Education in Australia – Teaching Salaries and Benefits 

Educators in Australia earn between $30 000 and $65 000 USD a year, depending on their qualifications and the amount of instruction they provide. Salaries in Australia might vary from one state to the next. 

Benefits for teachers in Australia vary by state and determine the kind of institution. Teachers should expect similar vacation time as in North American schools, and in some cases, they may be entitled to additional vacation time and rental assistance. Teachers with more experience should expect higher compensation and a more comprehensive benefits package. 

bachelor of education in Australia.

  • Australia’s Teaching Credentials

In most circumstances, teaching in Australia requires a university degree and a teaching license. Because Australia is an English-speaking country with an English-based curriculum, ESL certifications are not necessary unless the teacher wishes to teach an ESL course to Australian speakers of a foreign language. 

Bachelor of teaching in Australia programs are offered at over 25 Australian institutions, with specialties in early childhood education, health education, music, and fine arts. This curriculum takes about 4 to 5 years to complete at Australian institutions. Schools, colleges, universities, tutor academies, and other organizations that require highly qualified teachers favor graduates with this degree.  

  • Australia’s teacher visas

To teach in Australia, you will need a visa. Successful candidates will get further information from Teach Away Placement Coordinators, but it is the teacher’s responsibility to ensure that all documentation is submitted. 

What are the Benefits of Pursuing a Bachelor of Education in Australia?

Five Australian universities are in the top 50 in the world according to the QS Subject Rankings 2020 for Bachelor of teaching in Australia. 

Post-secondary teaching jobs will expand by around 15% by 2022, according to the Australian Government’s Department of Education, Skills, and Employment, surpassing most other professions. New South Wales employs the most secondary school teachers, followed by Victoria, according to Job Outlook (33.5 percent and 26.4 percent, respectively).

According to payscale, Australia is the third-highest paying country for primary school teachers, behind only Switzerland and Canada. Teachers in primary schools can earn up to 65,000 Australian dollars per year.

A university degree is required to work as a teacher in Australia. In most states and territories, there are two common pathways: get a four-year teaching degree, which qualifies you to teach early childhood or primary school, depending on where you studied. Alternatively, a bachelor’s degree in a specialized discipline, such as physics or music, followed by a master’s degree in teaching is required.

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