It can be intimidating to brew your speciality coffee for the first time. Check out our article below if you, like us, crave a cold brew.

Brewing by immersion

Immersion brewing is ideal for those who want a quick fix for their specialty coffee. To begin, fill a container halfway with tap water and add specialty coffee dubai grounds. Leave it for 6 to 24 hours. After that, strain the coffee grounds through a strainer.

This cold brew does not require any fancy coffee machines. The only thing you’ll need is a container that won’t leak. This is the best option for speciality coffee lovers in Dubai who do not have access to specialised tools. There are also two popular methods for immersing your coffee grounds. As previously stated, you can immerse the coffee grounds directly into the container of water and leave it for the specified amount of time. Alternatively, place the grounds in a filter bag and suspend it above the container. This will allow the grounds to gradually seep into the water below. Because the grounds do not come into direct contact with the water, the extraction is improved.

This method is ideal if you have a small kitchen or do not want to spend money on a coffee brewer machine.

Using a French press

Another popular method is to use a French press as an immersion chamber. One of the primary reasons for its increasing popularity is its built-in filter system. If you can’t afford an espresso machine at home, try this method today. If you want a less muddy appearance or a much cleaner taste, make sure to filter your coffee afterward. If you want a professional-looking coffee, you can even buy cold brewing equipment. You can fine-tune your cold brew recipe by experimenting with different water-to-coffee ratios and steeping times. Baristas experiment with different coffee blends while using coffee machines in cafes. However, for the best brew at home, consult the coffee packet’s description.