It’s a pretty common misconception that a wedding dress will magically fit like a glove when it arrives at the store and that wedding dress alteration is only necessary if you buy it from the store. The truth is that almost all wedding dresses will need to be adjusted to fit perfectly, even if they are just hemmed. We asked our brides on social media. Our brides have been asked the best questions and now we have the answers. 

While we do our best to give brides an idea of how their outfits will need to change, we decided to contact one of our favorite wedding dress alteration experts in the UK. When you searched for the best wedding dress repair service, you found A&Z tailors and tailors. We have professional and experienced service for your wedding dress. So browse our website to learn more about our services and fees.

How do you decide the cost of the alteration service?

It really depends on what the outfit needs. If we only sew the hem, I charge per layer. This is because some large layered wedding dress alterations will take longer! If the lacing needs to be removed and reattached, I charge a flat price for the lacing. You wouldn’t want to lose the lace detail on your ship, so I removed the lace and hem and glued the lace back on. Pricing is often dictated by outfits, as they are all different and require different adjustments. At A&Z Tailors, our prices and costs are completely open and fair. The cost of our wedding dress repair service is very low and perfectly fits your pocket.

What is special about our curtain alteration service?

Our curtain alteration service specialists will complete a pre-sewn curtain with a sewing machine. Curtains and drapes are a great way to add a finishing touch to your room, but some blinds are too long and need to be cut short. So if you need a curtain change in Watford, visit our homepage and make an appointment. You can make it yourself or contact a professional curtain tailor nearby – or you can send it to us through our online tailoring services. 

We can also shorten pre-made blinds, modify linings or remove linings. We can also combine or split two or more curtains. We can vary the length of our curtains which can be adjusted in a variable range. We do not offer curtain attachments as part of our modifications. So visit our website and make an appointment for your curtain alteration service.

Why should you hire our alteration service?

Our experience and teamwork ensure that our fitters and tailors discover the best options to correctly fit your evening gowns and ball gowns to achieve your desired style for the occasion. We have experience working on couture gowns, high-end fashion, and evening gowns with intricate fabrics, beading, and embellishments, and we are confident in our abilities. 

Our Staff has the knowledge and experience to properly care for and fit your wedding dress and Curtains, whether it is corseted, embroidered, sequined, or couture completed. Our seamstresses can assist you in fitting and restyling dresses with boned and corseted bodices, which are popular in wedding wear and curtain look.