Getting a car detailed comes with plenty of benefits for vehicle owners. Before adding car detailing to your shop’s list of services, consider the service. Here are a few reasons that explore the importance of car detailing for car owners. By understanding its benefits, you’ll see why customers will pay a premium for the service.

Better Clean Than a Car Wash

Most car owners go to a car wash if they want to give their rides a thorough cleaning. If they often drive through rough roads, and their car’s paint job has mud streaks, caked dirt, and stubborn buildup of dust, that’s far from ideal. They can keep their cars looking good as new for as long as possible by having them cleaned. However, a run-through at the car wash may not be enough. If they want their rides to shine, they should consider auto detailing services. By offering car detailing services, you can attract more of these customers to your shop.

Certification Programs

Before you can add car detailing to your service lineup, you need to provide training for your crew. Good thing there are reputable schools that offer programs for car detailing certification. Consider those options. Which auto detailing schools offer a comprehensive and quick program? How long will the training take? You may want to send your crew in batches, so you can start building a team of efficient auto detailing experts. With certification programs, providing the auto detailing services clients need should be easy soon enough.

Deep Clean for Interiors

Most car owners bring their rides to a car wash and think that’s enough to clean the car. But if they want a deep clean, they’ll think about having the interiors cleaned, too. That’s where auto detailing comes in. While the world has moved on from the clutch of the COVID-19 pandemic, that doesn’t mean the disease has disappeared completely. Customers who want to ensure that they and their loved ones are safe from possible contagion will ask for their car interiors to be cleaned. One never knows where the virus is, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Taking precautions is wise and can prevent them and their loved ones from having to deal with a bout of illness. By providing auto detailing services, more customers will start booking appointments at your shop.

Improves Resale Value

Most people tend to trade their cars to get additional cash when they buy a new ride. Customers wanting to get the most out of their rides should consider having their cars detailed. Auto detailing can increase the asking price of a vehicle. Customers who want to enjoy a higher resale value later will pay for auto detailing services. That’s because auto detailing services include fixing a car’s exterior parts, upholstery, and even the motor under the hood. Are they all in excellent shape? Many customers want to command a higher asking price for their car. If that’s the case with your clients, encourage them to get their vehicle scheduled for auto detailing services.