The matka games listed under the Regular bazar have options to play in Jodi and 220 patti variations. You can play both Jodi and 220 patti variations simultaneously. The live results of these variations get saved in Jodi and Panel charts.

Under Main Ratan Jodi charts, you will find the saved live results of Main Ratan’s previous games, in a tabular format, in a day-wise fashion. Similarly, under Main Ratan Panel charts, you will see the saved live results of Main Ratan games played previously, in a tabular format, in a day-wise fashion.

These charts are essential for players and experts to analyze and predict the best numbers for the following games. The experts and top players study these tables, read the number placements and formulate methods to calculate figures for the next bet. The professionals and satta kings utilize these charts to predict guessing tips and publish them on sites for users and visitors. Several newbies who lack sufficient knowledge to play 220 patti or Jodi in Main Ratan can pick these guessing tips and try their luck. In other words, these charts are the way to find the winning numbers.

At the end
The old gamblers and new players loved the concept of digital gambling on the online satta sites and in the satta matka app . New markets, added features, live services, etc., proved fruitful and beneficial in fetching wins and making more profits. When we discuss the satta matka charts and their advantages, many players doubt if the results in these charts saved are accurate and error-free. Because a minor error will predict wrong figures, and ultimately you lose the games. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of these charts on other websites. Still, we recommend you to visit Matka Result – an online platform to play bets in famous live markets listed under Regular, King, and Starline bazar. The site displays Jodi and Panel charts for each listed matka game, and a professional team double-checks the saved results before adding and publishing.