The Odyssey is a story of Bronze Age Greece as visible from the eyes of the Dark Age writer Homer. From historic assets we see the Bronze Age towns as manifestly run with the aid of using a few forms of effective hierarchy which can direct the efforts of its residents The Odyssey and gather each taxes and assets, however, what we see withinside the Odyssey is a group of village chieftains forming a confederation of nobles. Despite the grandeur in their palaces, and their god-like feats of heroism, in all approaches they constitute a gilded model of the Homeric chieftain who leads with the approval of the vicinity wherein he is living in an try and maintain and offer prosperity for his human beings. Broadly said the position of a king in Homeric society is to shield and offer to the human beings in his vicinity. In addition to maintaining a great property from which possible yield a lot of cattle and agricultural crops, this became a time in which piracy became a regular incidence from which one may benefit exquisite wealth and in flip could shield one’s self and one’s village against. Whenever a stranger seems withinside the Odyssey he’s regularly first requested his dad and mom’s names, from in which he comes, and if he’s a raider. For example, while Telemachus arrives in Pylos he’s requested this query and takes no offense however solutions it directly (Odyssey. P.27 b.3), and we additionally see Odysseus at some stage in his telling of his adventure seeing that Troy to the Phaecians and without hesitation he describes the sacking of a town merely for the purpose of loot. This is the number one position of the Homeric king, even though additionally, he’s to function as the executive head of the community, pleasant any responsibilities such entailed in retaining the general public order. One component that ought to be understood approximately kings withinside the epic poems is that Homer is speak me approximately kings of an extraordinary generation in which there existed big towns, multi-acre palaces, and real kingdoms worth of the name, whilst the usage of the governmental and social shape of his personal Dark Age, which imply that villages had been the biggest settlements, there had been no palaces, and the maximum effective guy in Greece could simply be any other chieftain. Without a great populace to attract on for fabric assets and exertions it’s far sincerely now no longer feasible to set up and help a palace run the hierarchical government, and critically limits the feasible strength one may have as a ‘king’. A king may also have the biggest plot of land, a barely larger house, and extra cattle, however without a few forms of stockpiled aid wealth, and navy strength the king is left ruling with the aid of using the authority of his human beings. Thus, Homeric kings had been now no longer all effective and we discover many examples of this in Homeric epics in which we are able to see that a Homeric king is not able to command any other guy who isn’t his property. The best actual bonds we see are the ones, which might be created with the aid of using our own circle of relatives ties, and honor primarily based totally relationships. In the Odyssey we see Agamemnon, who became visible as a king of better popularity than the rest, communicate of the way tough it became to persuade Odysseus to include him in Troy (Odyssey 296.24), and at some stage in the real warfare at Troy we see Agamemnon act unreasonably closer to Achilles at which factor Achilles makes a decision he’ll now no longer take Agamemnon’s orders anymore and refuses to fight (Iliad 13-17.1). The Homeric king is regularly the son of the preceding king, however, does now no longer observe a hereditary line with the aid of using necessity. A son will inherit his father’s fabric assets which in itself offers him a big impact on and cap potential to mount assaults on different settlements and shield his personal. In historical Greece, one popularity became maximum effortlessly judged with the aid of using the quantity of wealth one had, due to the fact wealth became won with the aid of using being capable of marshal the price range and help to degree raids and loot different villages, and could have the assets to shield his personal village, and feed the soldiers he makes use of for those actions. In addition to this fabric of wealth a son additionally inherits the relationships and bonds of his father. These relationships ensure him a help base of allies that can be inclined to lend him assets must he try and acquire a raid on any other village, together with the assault on Troy which gathers forces from throughout Greece together with Nestor at Pylos, and Odysseus from Ithaca, or assist withinside the protection of his personal holdings. Should a brand new king be determined missing and incapable of maintaining and protecting his village, he’ll get replaced with the aid of using any other extra becoming individual. In the Odyssey, Telemachus is to be the following king of Ithaca in the absence of his father and the suitors suppose that they’ll update him as an alternative till he proves his cap potential as a frontrunner while he makes a day trip to Pylos and Sparta. By efficiently finishing this day trip he’s idea properly with the aid of using the ones of Ithaca, and with the inherited wealth of his father Odysseus, and the inherited relationships with Nestor of Pylos, Menelaus of Sparta, and plenty of others in Ithaca he is able to grow to be and continue to be king. Without those connections, however, a ruler is critically weakened for he has no help and faded assets to satisfy his position. The majority of the Odyssey is primarily based totally on Telemachus’ incapacity to repel the depraved suitors who’re laying destroy to his estates, and certainly to Ithaca itself, because of his loss of to be had helping allies (Odyssey 42.4). Even with the help of others, a Homeric king isn’t the best voice of authority in the vicinity. There is mostly a council of nobles and elders, which the king may also gift thoughts and ask for approval or assistance on, which they’ll flip down. When Telemachus convenes the council of Ithaca and offers his speech he’s typically yelled at and denied (Odyssey 15-20.2), whilst Alcinous, king of the Phaecians, makes numerous activities a request of his nobles and elders and that they obey it immediately (Odyssey 159.13). Even amongst folks that aren’t nobles a king ought to acquiesce to the voice of the many, together with we see this with the aid of using Odysseus while he urges his guys to live onboard the deliver rather than making for land one night time to prepare dinner and he recognizes that he’s one, and they may be many, and he can not refuse them (Odyssey 154.12). At this time in historical Greece there did exist big nations, or as a minimum large villages, that might represent a risk to the Greek villages and an essential position of those inherited relationships became the cap potential for developing a brief confederacy among several villages and areas for a mutual cause, or as a minimum the possibility for looting. In those conditions, assistance is asked and might or might not be given, as we are able to see withinside the telling of the marshaling of forces for the Trojan War (Odyssey 296.24). Here the kings should paintings collectively, and there can be something of a hierarchy of relative popularity that forms, however, there’s nevertheless discussion, and certainly argument, some of the conglomerated kings. We see these numerous instances withinside the Homeric poems, together with Agamemnon and Menelaus arguing after the giving up of the warfare at Troy at the fine route of action (Odyssey 28-29.3). This all comes collectively to permit for a successful or unsuccessful king and village/vicinity. Normally a horrific king is changed with the aid of using a few extra successful with higher connections, and assets and have an impact on, however as we are able to see in Ithaca itself, withinside the Odyssey, the suitors are all seeking to marry Odysseus’ spouse Penelope in order that they may take over a number of the strength and connections of Odysseus and grow to be the brand new king of Ithaca. Because of this loss of transition among kings, efficaciously inflicting a state of affairs in which there’s no king, there’s no loot coming in from raids, and assets are being eaten up without being nicely refreshed and maintained, inflicting a universal decline withinside the fitness and achievement of Ithaca, similarly to the social and ethical degradation with the absence of a dominant authority figure.