The remainder of the Pelicans ranking of NBA 2K MT players will soon be revealed, but leaks are already circulating on the internet about the starting five rankings.Along with Zion’s 87. this leak lists Brandon Ingram at 86. CJ McCollum with an 85 rating, Herb Jones coming in at 78. along with Jonas Valanciunas rounding out with an 83 rating. In a short time, the complete list is revealed to the public. There will be no time to wait for this gameis revealed, and actual games come soon.

The time is now to battle your friends and your opponents in “NBA 2K23” the latest edition of the NBA 2K franchise.But if you’re hoping to win games, it’s wise to choose teams that boast the most talented players that can make you a success.So what NBA and WNBA star players as well as NBA rookies are the most highly-rated players?

Let’s see: Who are the top-rated NBA players of NBA 2K23? The title of the most highly-rated player in “NBA 2K23” belongs to Buy NBA 2K MT Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo with a score of the 97th spot overall. Five players have a chance to be second with 96. Here’s a look at every player with an overall score above 90: