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Starting a business checklist

Do you want to start a business?

A person can have both a frightening and thrilling experience in their career. Below is a list of steps to help you start a business. Hopefully, after reading this, you will feel more prepared and confident.

Develop a passion-driven business

It is important to make a decision to launch your own business as your first step. There are a number of options available to you. One of them is to turn your passion into a business.

How do you choose a new business?

As a result, you can decide whether or not to pursue your idea, how much money you need, and how to proceed.

Do your research on the industries and competitors in your area

In the early stages of deciding what type of business you want to start, you should research your competitors and the industry in general.

What are the benefits of research?

You can determine the potential of your business through a business plan. The market size of your product will also be revealed to you. In this way, you won’t be trying to sell something to which there is much competition.

You need to determine if you can start a business, how much money you need, and what marketing strategy you will use.

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The WordPress website launch checklist

After months of designing and building, you have finally launched your site. Before going live, make sure everything is in order.

By using this checklist, you can make sure nothing is forgotten. Prepare well.

Licenses for themes

Plugins for WordPress should be licensed before being used on a website. Verify they are compatible with WordPress’ latest version and are free of security issues. Make sure your plugins are activated with the right license key.

Terms of service and privacy policies should be respected

It is imperative that your website has an updated privacy policy and terms of service before collecting data from users. As well as disclaimers, your website should have an acceptable use policy.

The URL format should be relative

After updating WordPress, make sure your custom permalinks are still valid. In order to make your site accessible from or, you need to use a relative URL structure.

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Lead magnet checklist

Are you looking for a lead magnet that will attract visitors to your website? Are you a blogger, content strategist, or optimization specialist?

Ensure that your lead magnet includes all the necessary elements by checking this list.

Identify your target audience

Ensure your lead magnet is relevant to the right audience by asking “Who will it benefit?”

The right audience must be targeted.

Unless your lead magnet appeals to the target audience, they may not engage with it.

How should you choose your target audience?

There are several ways to make your lead magnet more relevant to the right audience:

  • Your target audience wants to know what interests them.
  • Take a look at what your competitors are offering as lead magnets. Look up their target audience on Google or social media.
  • Find out if your current clients are interested in your lead magnets. Use this information to offer similar content to your customers.

How should you select your target audience?

Develop value propositions

What are the benefits of your lead magnet for potential customers?

Do you want to know what your value proposition is?

If the lead magnet does not provide something valuable to the target audience, it will not be effective. Offering them value will entice them.

When defining a value proposition, what factors do you consider?

  • Analyze what your competitors are offering.
  • Can you describe your strategies for addressing your audience’s pain points?
  • What can you do to help them?

Is there a value proposition?

  • Analyze the competitors
  • Analyzing the needs of customers
  • Meeting with interview subjects

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Customer service checklist

A successful business depends on excellent customer service. Customer satisfaction will keep customers coming back again and again.

A plan is crucial to solving a customer’s problem. As part of our hassle-free service, our team analyzes the steps that must be followed.

Easy access to support is essential

The first step is to contact customer service. In order to receive a reply, the customer shouldn’t have to search through multiple FAQ pages or send multiple emails.

What would be the benefit of having a readily accessible support team?

If your customers cannot reach your support team, they will have a hard time resolving issues. When they do not receive assistance when they need it most, their business may suffer.

Is your customer support team easy to reach?

Depending on your industry. Some companies have 24/7 phone support, while others offer 24/7 chat support.

Some companies don’t offer phone customer service and instead use email or social media to communicate. If customers need help, you should be accessible.

Inform your customers how long it will take to respond to different types of inquiries.

What can your support team do to be more accessible?

Clarify expectations for customer service

Customers need to know what to expect when they contact you for assistance.

For many reasons, it is important to clarify customer service expectations.

Customer expectations must be clearly understood. It is possible to avoid misunderstandings before you interact with the customer.

How well do you understand customer expectations?

The service should be fast, accurate, and pleasant. You can set expectations in several ways.

Your customers deserve the same level of personalized attention every time they contact you for help. Prepare ahead of time to avoid unforeseen issues down the line.

What tools can you use to set clear customer service expectations?

  • LiveAgent ticketing software
  • Software for managing employees
  • An e-mail ticketing system
  • Graphs and spreadsheets
  • App for workforce planning
  • customer service software


Sales call checklist

When you make your first sales call, you may feel nervous. Listed below are a few tips. Use a checklist to stay organized. Let’s get started.

You can find the contact using LiveAgent

CRM integration with customer service software allows reps to keep track of all customer interactions.

Before contacting a prospect, find out the latest information about them. Using CRM data, you can view account details, contact histories, and previous interactions with customers. When sales reps have this information in hand, they can tailor their pitches and have more meaningful conversations with prospects.

How does LiveAgent find contacts?

All customer interactions are tracked in the LiveAgent CRM. It will display all interactions, their context, channels, and previous conversations.

So you don’t forget anything, a private note can be written about each client.

If you do not already have LiveAgent, you can download it for free. There is a 14-day free trial available so you can see how the software works and if it is suitable for your organization.

Where can I find contacts?

  • Built-in LiveAgent CRM
  • Plugin from a third party

Learn about your past interactions with customers

It is possible to learn how to approach a customer in the future based on past interactions.

How important is it to learn from past interactions?

As a result, you can avoid repeating the same mistakes, identify topics to avoid, and find out what your customers are interested in. This information can be used to tailor your sales pitch, build trust and credibility with customers, and better meet their needs.

How can we learn from past interactions?

Identify which of your colleagues or sales representatives have previously dealt with the customer. For gaining a better understanding of past customer behavior, consider using a CRM system.

With LiveAgent, you can consolidate tickets from multiple channels under one roof and get valuable insights into your tickets.

How can you learn more about previous interactions?