After all, it’s your D-Day. You are going the extra mile to pull off and maintain a spectacular bridal makeup look throughout the wedding day. For your wedding makeup look to be the talk of the town and come out brilliantly in photos, you need to follow some tips that will give your look an edge.

So whether you are doing bridal makeup on your own or getting it done by a professional makeup artist, here are some tips that you should follow to nail the look.

Start with eye makeup first: Once you are done with your skincare routine, start with your eyes first instead of the base for makeup. Bridal eye makeup looks are heavy and elaborate leading to a lot of fallout. Since removing fallouts can potentially disturb your base makeup, it’s recommended to do your eyes first, remove all the fallouts from your bare skin, and start applying your base products on a freshly cleansed face.

Prime your eyelids: One can’t emphasize the importance of priming your eyelids enough before going in with the eye makeup. Wedding makeup looks generally need to be heavy on color and shimmer. Therefore, you need to create a clear canvas that holds the color for a long time and brings out its true pigment. Prime the eyelids by dabbing a concealer onto them and set the product with a setting powder.

Proper skincare: A meticulous and detailed skincare routine is crucial to flaunt that bridal glow on your wedding day. Additionally, a good skincare routine will amplify your bridal makeup and add that much-needed radiance to your look. Make sure you cleanse, scrub, tone, and moisturize your skin before going in with your base makeup. Give your skin a healthy dose of face serums, hydrating sheet masks, and facial oils to ensure a healthy and hydrated base for bridal makeup.

Opt for waterproof makeup products: Your bridal makeup should be done in such a way that it withstands tears and whims of the weather. Opt for base and eye makeup products that are waterproof so that your makeup stays on throughout the day, no matter what.

Foundation matching skin tone: When looking for the perfect foundation shade for yourself, go for the one that exactly matches your skin tone. Refrain from going for a light shade of foundation to make your complexion look brighter. The wrong shade of foundation will end up oxidizing on your skin and ruining your whole wedding makeup look.

Foundation matching skin type: The foundation that you choose to wear on your wedding day should match your skin type to maintain an even base throughout the day. If you have dry skin, go for a hydrating foundation that will not leave your face caky and patchy. Oily skin types can go for a mattifying foundation that does not make their skin look greasy.

High-coverage foundation and concealers: For bridal makeup, it is advised to take a detour from lightweight foundations and opt for high-coverage foundations and concealers to create a spotless base. High coverage base makeup products work effectively in masking imperfections and tiredness, thus making you look fresh and awake on your wedding day.

Color correct: To key to looking flawless on your wedding day and getting the perfect snaps is to color correct dark circles, dark spots, redness, and blemishes. Make sure you have properly corrected all these imperfections with a concealer before proceeding with the rest of your base makeup.

Set your makeup with powders: Setting your makeup is important to make it last throughout the day. Don’t miss out on using loose setting and compact powders to set in your concealer and foundation. The setting also helps your makeup to stay in one place without creasing or moving away.

Avoid too much blush: Wedding makeup needs to be dramatic in all departments but you also need to make sure that you don’t end up looking like a clown. When applying the blush, use just enough to light up the face with a bright pop of color so that it’s visible but also not out there.

Use lipsticks with high pay-off: Lipsticks are the heart of any wedding makeup. To pull off those bold and nude hues perfectly, you need lipsticks that are intensely pigmented and long-lasting. You too need to do some prepping to bring out the true color of the lipstick you are wearing. Make sure that you exfoliate and hydrate your lips properly before going in with the concealer to prime them. Line your lips with a lip liner and then fill in the remaining space with the color to create an attractive and long-lasting pout.

Use a setting spray: Setting spray is the top coat of makeup, meaning that it seals your makeup look in one place. A setting spray prevents your makeup from fading and creasing away while leaving behind a smooth and radiant finish. Once you are done with your entire makeup, spritz some setting spray onto your face from a considerable distance to get a flawless look.


We hope these makeup tricks will level up your bridal makeup. Make sure you have the aforementioned makeup products in handy to create the most glamorous look on your special day. And if not, start buying bridal makeup products online and create your own bridal kit right away.