Moving a piano is not an easy task. The size of it makes a significant challenge. Pianos are valuable, and that means great care should be taken. There should not be any chances of undue damages to the fragile and special instrument.

You will require a safe hand to perform this operation using proper techniques and equipment to get the piano moved safely. You can hire a piano mover to do this job for you and they can easily transmit it for you in no time.

The professionals can transport the piano rapidly and safely from one place to another. You will also have to do some good research to find out the piano movers in your area, which can easily make sure that the piano gets to the destination and door framing, stairs and walls are left unchanged.

Finding out the best piano movers to do the job can also be a more significant task than any other. So let’s start with some of the important aspects to consider while hiring a piano moving company.

Check Out the Credentials:

The companies which transport the pianos should adhere to federal and state rules.  It must also have a valid license and also be registered with Transportation Department. Most of the time, the moving company must offer piano transportation services.

Ask the moving professional to provide you with the USDOT or MC number. Once it is received, you must verify the credentials for making sure that they are updated.

  • Verify Their Insurance Coverage: The professional piano team must be insured and licensed. While looking for long-distance piano movers, you will have to be ensured to verify the insurance with a certificate. The insurers can further use it. The homeowners’ insurance might offer coverage. Still, this one is recommended that you can get in contact with a representative of insurance of the homeowner for determining whether you will need added coverage or not.
  • Check Out Reviews: Previous experience of piano movers can give you an idea of how they work. You can get an idea of the working way of the professionals. Perfoming a research is a must. You find out the online reviews and look for some information at BBB. Speak out to the people about the piano movers if hired before. You will have to keep in mind that online reviews might not be that reliable, so take every thought with a check.
  • Moving Costs: The cost is first asked as soon as you start hiring or thinking of piano movers. Requesting the price is quite common, and the piano moving can also be more costly than any traditional service. However, there are some reasons for the cost and its worth it.
  • Weight: Did you wonder how heavy the piano can be? If you have done that before, then you will know whether the piano movers can handle the weight or not. The instrument is made of cast iron, metal wires, dense woods and other heavy and durable materials.  To carry it might also require extra members and fuel to carry it from one place to another. At the same time, the piano’s weight is also essential for enhancing the sound. This also adds up the costs of transportation.
  • Design: You cannot carry a piano frequently and it’s a difficult task for a piano mover. The piano is often moved once and then left in the original place. Specific movement can harm this delicate instrument. It will need to get tuned. They are wide and quite long; it depends upon the piano type you have. They are also top-heavy.


These are some factors you must consider while searching for or hiring piano movers. These factors will help you choose the right one for the job.