Batteries are what starts the car. It is very important to keep the battery in good shape. In this blog we are going to go through some tips for maintenance of car batteries.

car battery

1.Not leaving the car unused: Out of all types of batteries, lead-acid batteries are mostly kept fully charged to prevent any kind of damage. But batteries lose charge over time (self-discharge). They usually self-discharge at a rate of around 1% daily. So, when a vehicle is left unused for more than a week, then it leads to an increased rate of self-discharge of the battery. So, it is advised to keep your car moving after a few days.

2. Mind the smart keys: Smart keys make it possible to access the vehicle from a distance provided they are in close proximity. The battery can drain off soon when the smart key is kept too close to the car. Hence, the battery life can be shortened. So, whenever possible, try to place the smart keys at a distance.

3.Use a trickle charger: If you occasionally use your vehicle, or more often you take it out just for short trips, then use a trickle charger. Plug the trickle charger into the outlet, and hook up the leads to the battery’s terminals. The trickle charger recharges, maintains, and conditions the battery after connecting with it even when the vehicle is not driven out. You can learn more about it from battery suppliers in Lakhimpur

4.Charging at least once a week: It is important to charge the car battery because it gets drained off even when not being used. The chargers maintain the right charging level of the battery when it is not in use. It is recommended to fully charge the car at least once a week as it will help you to increase its life. But also make sure that you never overcharge the battery otherwise many problems can arise.

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