There are multiple reasons behind changing your flight while flying to any destination. But the main thing is people don’t know about the whole process & often face challenges. Moreover, with Spirit airlines, these things are quite easier & can do it fast. 

Choosing to fly with low-cost airlines offers affordable flights along with last-minute deals. There are several benefits of first-class passengers with outstanding flying experience.

How to change the flights with Spirit airlines?

If you wish to change the flight, then follow the below steps:

  1. Visit the official website of the airlines
  2. On the homepage, click my trips
  3. However, you’ll get directed to the new page where you need to enter the booking number & last name.
  4. Now hit the continue.
  5. Here, the customers will be able to check their booking & click to change the flight option. 
  6. After all these things, you need to follow the screen’s instructions.

These are the Tips to change the flight with the Spirit airlines

What is the flight change policy?

There are some important points below:

  1. If you wish to change or cancel the booking, you must do it within 24 hrs. It’ll automatically adjust. 
  2. For the passengers who have a refundable fare, in that case, also you don’t need to pay any charges. 
  3. The other important thing is all the flights booked seven days from the departure & get canceled within 24 hrs need to pay for the cancellation.

How much do you need to pay for the change of flight?

The first thing is if you have to change the flight within 24 hrs, then you don’t need to make any payment. However, the customers must pay the fee if they change the flight over a limited time. 

You need to pay about $90 while doing it online & the changes made with the phone or airport need to pay about $100. On the other side, with the changes made to the award tickets, you need to pay about $110. 

However, if you made the same-day change, pay $99 as a fee. 

Is it possible to change the flight for free?

There are some points to keep in mind:

  1. If you made the changes within 24 hrs after booking
  2. At least 60 days before the departure
  3. In case the flight gets delayed for two hours

Do you get a refund in case the flight time is changed?

Customers can claim a refund if the airline makes an unfortunate change or delays the flight. Moreover, the other scenario can be if the passenger chooses not to travel. You can also read the refund policy. 

Services by the airlines:

While traveling with Spirit airlines, the passengers are offered trouble services related to refund, change, or cancelation. You can also speak to the live representative if you have any confusion or issues. 

They’ll precisely guide with each & every step that can minimize the whole problem. The customers need to go through everything properly & get to know the important rules. 


Therefore, we have provided all the details about Tips to get Spirit airlines to change flights.