Haldwani in the Nainital district exists in hilly terrain at an elevation of 425 m above sea level on the foothills of the Himalayas. It lies between the Indo-Gangetic plains and the Kumaon region. It is the gateway to the Kumaon area. It never gets snow. Mountain rivers seep underground and emerge in the plains. The weather is generous between September and March. The roads are metallic, railways frequent from other parts of the country and buses in thought out destination bring tourist to this industrial land. There are plenty of resort lodges and hotels for all types of budgets. It is a destination wedding in Haldwani.  The cost is calculated per plate. The staff is trained courteous with pleasing manners.

You can share the story to your friends, my husband loves me, and he wanted our destination wedding to be perfect. He knew that I had always dreamed of having a wedding in the mountains, so he chose Haldwani as our destination. He spent months planning the wedding, and he made sure that every detail was perfect.

1-Hotel Blue Sapphire Clarks Inn-A 3-star hotel. It has 41 rooms with modern amenities such as Wi-Fi, internet, TV screens water heating system etc. Of the different size halls, the biggest can accommodate 300 guests. The experienced trained chef can serve vegetarian non-vegetarian and continental delicacies. Alcohol service by the hotel. The in-house decorators will illuminate the premises. DJ is from the hotel. Payment is taken in cash, credit or debit card and bank transfer.

2-Club Mahindra Binsar Valley Resort-This resort is situated on the outskirts of the city. Among the 80 rooms, all are comfortable double rooms with amenities like Wi-Fi, internet, projector, TV screens and a modern bathroom. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is served in various Indian, Chinese, and Continental dishes. Guests are permitted to bring their alcoholic drinks. The function can be organized indoors and outside with a maximum number of 150 people outside and 100 people indoors. Hire your decorator. There is space for 80 cars parking. Payment is honoured as cash, credit or debit card and bank transfer.

3- GenXSundaramHaldwani-This place is situated in the city. The outdoor space can accommodate 1500 people and the indoor space 400 people.  There are 32 rooms. The food choice lies between Indian, Chinese, and Continental both in vegetarian dishes and non-continental dishes.  Guest can bring their alcohol.  DJ will be by the hotel. The rooms are spacious with modern amenities like Wi-Fi, internet, stage projector, TV screens and an attached bathroom Make payment through cash, credit or debit card and bank transfer. 100 cars can be parked on the premises.

4-Maplewood Premier-The location is very beautiful with a view of the mountains. The hotel has all the modern amenities in rooms, toilets, and the kitchen. There are enough rooms, a dormitory lawn, and a hall. These are decorated with glittering lights for the marriage and creatively made Mandap. Car parking and valet service are available.

5-Vatika Banquet-The place has a hall big enough to organize wedding services. We have DJ to entertain the assembled people. The food is laid out attractively Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is served. The decoration is customized.  Valet car parking is available.  The waiters are good in their service, and you will appreciate our hospitality.

6-Shree Shyam Garden Banquet and Guest house-The Banquet Hall have four rooms for the bride and family members to use. There is one dormitory. The big hall and lawn are meant for marriage functions.  Valet parking is for the convenience of the guest.  We arrange the island of a round table for better interaction. The decoration is attractive and within the budget. Food is delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian as per your choice.  The stage is laid with throne-like chairs and Mandap is nearby.

7-Hotel North House-This hotel is eco-friendly at the foothill. It is a budget suitable place. The rooms are Deluxe AC with a garden view. There is an internet TV and a modern toilet with a shower. The suites are for special occasions. On the premises is the gift shop We decorate the hall Mandap arch and lawn as per your desire. We arrange for guests to be dropped at the airport an hour away at Pant Nagar Airport a station or bus stop. Car parking is free. Payment can be made by cash, credit or debit card or banking. Also checkout the best travel blog.

8-Devashish Hotel-The The hotel decoration is eye-catching with colourful frescoes, muralled walls, and traditional motifs. The rooms have AC cleanliness through housekeeping, room service for food, minibar, TV, and internet. Once the wedding event is confirmed we decide with glamour and the food from your list that you will relish. The newlywed can stay in the hotel. Transport is made available and all you must do is make payment by cash, credit or debit card or bank.

9-Hotel Blue Star-Once you have fixed your budget you will find we are within your reach. We will make the marriage event memorable. The staff is courteous, polite, and cheerful. The staff develop rapport with the guest. Our physical infrastructure is with ambience and modern amenities. Food is prepared by experienced chefs. The choice is yours for vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Payment is through easy mode cash, credit, debit card or bank transactio. Also Checkout some Indian craftsmanship examples.

10-The Ramgarh Bungalows– are also into marriage functions. It has accommodation for small gatherings and the amenities are modern. The rooms are comfortable with AC and a good view. Once you finalize the details let us know and we will execute it. The payment can be made through a bank, credit, or debit card. Cash payment is also acceptable.


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