Web3 has been called the next version of the internet, and it is expected to change many industries in the same way that web2 changed web1, and Netflix changed the movie rental business. This new generation of technology is based on decentralized apps that make heavy use of blockchain, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) to make applications smarter and more flexible.

Because it is so popular, many DApps, DeFi, wallets, and other new technologies are being made to make it easier to get started. Web3 wallet development is an important part of web3 because they make it easier for people and businesses to manage their digital assets. It is easy to use and can grow as needed. This post will talk about the best four wallets you can use to keep track of your money and get into the Web3 world.

Wallet Blockchain

This is another self-custody wallet that gives you access to thousands of tokens and DApps and gives you a central place to store your ERC-721 tokens (NFTs).

The wallet makes it easy to use decentralized finance (DeFi), and Ethereum tokens can be linked to a number of DeFi projects. Users can also take part in real online airdrops, which makes it more likely that they will get free cryptocurrency.

Guarda Wallet

Guarda Wallet is a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet that can be used on multiple platforms. It lets you buy more than 400 tokens and works with more than 50 blockchains. The Guarda wallet can be used on the web, on your computer, on your phone (iOS and Android), and as an extension for Google Chrome.

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MetaMask is a digital wallet that lets you buy, store, send, and trade tokens. It can be found as an extension for Chrome and other popular web browsers. MetaMask works on both iOS and Android devices.


Rainbow’s website says that it is a non-custodial wallet that is fun, easy to use, and safe. It lets users build an Ethereum wallet, collect NFTs, and explore the new globe of web3.

At the moment, both iOS and Android mobile devices can be used.


Nonbank is the cutting-edge solution that combines the best from both non-custodial and custodial worlds. The platform creates a new form of financial management by combining traditional banking services with advanced DeFi abilities. It is an all-in-one app that allows users to manage their finances across banks, wallets, and exchanges in one place.

It offers features for a gamified financial experience (NonID), a wide range of crypto assets (in further development), multi-network connectivity, the most advanced security features and the best user experience.  The app itself hasn’t been released yet, but check out Nonbank app release roadmap for Q1 2024.