VPNs have become very common nowadays, and their usage has increased, especially on Android devices. When you explore the Google Play Store, you might get thousands of VPNs, but selecting the best among them is the biggest challenge. I’m going to help you out in this situation.

This website is going to present the best VPNs for your Android device. Most VPNs provide free service, but those free servers provide a limited internet speed; if your purpose is for business, you must buy a good product.

These products will surely help you perform your specific task because I’ve personally installed them on my Android phone. I’ve used both free & paid versions of them. Let’s end this extra detail and come to an important point.

Top 4 VPNs for Android Phone in 2022

Super Master Free VPN App

Super Master Free VPN is the most recommended application for Android devices. The subscriber who can’t buy the paid version should use this product. This VPN app provides amazing internet speed in the free version, but unfortunately, I’ve never used the premium version.

The pricing for Super Master Free VPN is not very high as compared to its demand in the market. The app does not require any permission before running on our device. We’ve seen some apps ask the unnecessary permission for no reason, but it does not need to access any consent.

The app can make you the invisible user on the internet because it does not allow any ISP to track your identity and keeps you hidden all the time. It shows an alternative IP instead of your original IP address. Read more https://computertechlife.com/


UFO VPN is the second most recommended application after the Super Master Free VPN application. It helps to browse those websites which have been banned in your specific region. This app is more famous for letting the audience access Netflix services. Some countries have officially banned Netflix, which will help bypass its restriction. Do you want to get UFO VPN App? Atoz apk will help to get latest version of it.

Apart from the Netflix service, this application offers safe browsing and blocks cookies. When the cookies are disabled, no one can access your location because the cookies help to identify your location, but the UFO VPN app blocks cookies on your smartphone and your browsing is 100% safe. After that, it does not allow you to store the history, but make sure you’ve customized it accordingly.

SurfShark VPN App

SurfShark VPN application is recommended for users willing to buy a premium membership. This brand provides you with matchless features as compared to other brands. I know that NordVPN & ExpressVPN are also famous in the market, but SurfShark app has some features which are lacking in any other brand which offers proxy services.

SurfShark allows unlimited devices to use the same account, which means if you run a business or team of hundreds of members, it will not bother you. I’ve personally used more than 50 devices at a time, and it did not have any bugs in it, and I feel that their claim for unlimited devices is valid, and it supports a total number of devices at a time.

Regarding the pricing agenda, I feel the pricing is very obvious since they provide quality service. The companies are not charging any extra charges; they’re charging us for what they’ve given in return, so I’m 100% satisfied with its services; if you want the premium subscription, you must try the SurfShark app.

The brand provides application software for multiple devices. Windows users can also avail of the services. It offers two different methods for PC users. The users can get the application setup file for the Desktop version. It also provides the Google Chrome extension so the users can get its features on the Chrome browser.

NordVPN App

You must be wondering why I kept it on the 4th spot when it’s a well-known product in the market. This product is mainly available for paid users. Its usage becomes limited for the free users. I’m not saying that it does not offer the services for free, but its paid services are worth using, but they require a subscription.

NordVPN App supports up to 100+ countries; five thousand servers are available in the VPN application. I must say that the pricing of NordVPN is very affordable for the business industry and can be useful if you want to use it as an individual. https://fxmtrade.com/

Final Words

We will complete the review and present you with the best 4 VPN app for Android, which has gained fame but also offers outclass services that are lacking in other VPN products. All these products support different operating systems, and the following products are supportable on Windows, Android, iOS, and many other devices.