Who doesn’t love hanging out and lazing around with friends on a leisure day? For working professionals, weekends denote having brunch. Brunch can either be a breakfast or a lunch. Who doesn’t love waking up late in the morning to have excellent meals with close friends? But finding the best brunch restaurant can be a tedious task as most of them do not provide the best cuisines for this appropriate time. Fret not! Here we bring you the list of some of the best brunch in Richmond.

• Bar Solita

Though launched only a few years back, bar solita is now one of the best brunch restaurants Richmond VA. They are known to surprise their customers with a new punch to every usual dish. A few of their unique dishes are bloody Mary cart and mimosa flights worth trying. If you want to make your weekend exciting, you can opt for this area. They have also launched a food tour wherein they explain the history of various cuisines. Who wouldn’t love to try out a new dish and know its history on a fine Sunday morning? What are you waiting for!

• 821 Café

This Café has gained popularity solely because of its décor and interior design. It has quite a funky style that would attract most young generation. Though the seating area is relatively small, the staffs are helpful. 821 Café got popularized because of its menu. They have an enormous set of dishes that are typical and unique. So if you want to opt for a cool place that serves your staple food, you can always go to this Café. The only dish in demand right now is the Nutella French toast. The name itself suggests how delicious it would be to have it in brunch. This Café has gained trust as one of the best brunch restaurant Richmond VA.

• Liberty Public House

Searching for the best brunch in Richmond will always land you on this website. Liberty public house is a brunch area that serves the usual dishes but not only on the weekends. You can also go for brunch at any time any day as they believe brunch is a meal that should be enjoyed at any time of the day. It is the perfect place to invite your friends or go on a date. They have a menu that will Kick-start your day in the right way. Their usual menu includes biscuits, gravy, and, most importantly, eggs. Eggs are the perfect breakfast and brunch meals. They even have a separate section for desserts for those who have cravings right in the morning.