Almost each and every industry optimizes its work in the form of mobile applications. Many crypto software providers not only develop web applications themselves but also develop mobile applications too. If you plan to start your own crypto exchange business using localbitcoins, you can also build your own localbitcoins mobile application. You can access all features of the localbitcoins within the mobile application too. Let’s see the features of the LocalBitcoins clone application.

Instant buy/sell

 You can instantly buy/sell cryptocurrencies and digital assets within a few minutes.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

You can integrate the crypto wallet within your mobile app and directly access the wallet without latency.

Transaction History

You can get the transaction data from your history page after you have sent the transaction.

Trade Chart Live View

You can check and analyze real-time trading with the help of a trade chart live view.

Referral Options

You can run an affiliate program and refer to other businesses. You will get a commission fee from that business owner.

Geo Identification

You can easily find out the location bases users with the help of a geolocation identifier.

Merchant Features

You can access all merchant features within your mobile app, which will improve your reliability.

We have gone through the features of the localbitcoins clone app. So you can access these features within your mobile. Not only these features you can also modify the features based on your business requirements. So choose the best localbitcoins clone app providers who offer the best features at an affordable price.