Maybe you are sick and tired of city life and want some freedom from it. Well, there is nothing to worry about once you have wildlife resorts in India by your side. Here, you will not just get the opportunity to stay near Mother Nature but also get the opportunity to enjoy wild animals from close proximity.

Looking for the best lodges around here is important. The lodges need to be located near the jungle, from where you can maintain a safe distance from wild creatures but also get to hear their wild roars during the pitch nighttime.

What to expect from Jungle lodges?

Nowadays, the Jungle Lodges Bandipur are pretty modern and will present you with some of the modern amenities, which are otherwise hard for you to find anywhere else. But, to enjoy those amenities, you have to visit multiple lodges before making the final choice.

• Once you plan to stay over here, you will enjoy safaris around the Bandipur National Park at an extra cost.
• Then you have thee indoor and outdoor games to enjoy for a change over here.
• If you want, you get the opportunity to enjoy a nature walk, which is another one of the best reasons to Stay in the Best resorts in Bandipur for sure.


Bandipur national park india
Bandipur national park india

• Then you have the satellite channels for staying in touch with the outside world if you want to.
• You can even host meetings in these resorts as well. So, there is a conference hall available over here for 80 people.
• The visitors and guests of the resort can help you with the campfire as well.
• Enjoy cold and hot water services all the time once you Stay in the Bandipur Jungle Resorts, and you need not have to look any further for secondary help.
• You can visit these places with your children and little ones. There are separate playgrounds designed for children as well, which is a positive way to engage them while holidaying.
• Apart from these points, you will enjoy ample parking space as well. So, if you are trying to visit this spot with your car, it will be safely parked with a proper security system.

Apart from these points, thee Resorts in Bandipur present you with multi-cuisine restaurant. So, if you want to enjoy some good food, you can always stay in the resort and get room service for the same. No need to roam around in the middle of the night!

Bandipur Jungle Resorts
Bandipur Jungle Resorts