The history of the state is all around Virginia. The first four presidents were from Virginia and gave the state a head start in records of 8 presidents, the highest than any other state. Two of its most popular tourist destinations The two most popular tourist destinations – Mount Vernon and Monticello – are the residences of presidents. Virginia also has the highest number of Civil War battlefields of any state. It is also the location in which both the Revolution as well as The Civil War ended.

The capital city of the colonial period, Williamsburg which is recently restored to its original 18th-century splendor, was one of the most popular destinations in the Revolution. However, it’s not just the past that draws tourists to this area. The natural wonders of the state, such as Luray Caverns, Natural Bridge and Barrier islands Chincoteague and Assateague as well as Shenandoah National Park, are among the top things to see.

The mountains are the best places to explore for hiking as well as other outdoor activities and the long, gold beaches make for popular for summer vacations. Plan your trip to this state of fascination with our list of most popular attractions in Virginia.

There are several places to discover here and learn more about this place. So if you’re visiting and taking cheap flights to Virginia, then make sure to spend ample time strolling the place.


Shenandoah National Park and Skyline Drive

In central Virginia, Shenandoah National Park guards the Blue Ridge Mountains, which can be found between 2 and 4000 feet. Along their crests and through the park , is Skyline Drive, the northern extension of the Blue Ridge Parkway, with stops to take in the view and the attractions such as the summer home of President Hoover as well as the historic Cave Cemetery below Dark Hollow Falls.

The stunning hike trails are among the most popular attractions in the park. Flowers in the trees and plants are in full bloom during the spring and summer months, however the park is most famous for its fall colours in October. Just a few minutes to the west of on the Skyline Drive on US 211 are Luray Cavernscontaining amazing formations of stalagmites and stalactites.


Colonial Williamsburg

Few places can recreate the scene from The American Revolution as well as Williamsburg in the United States, where the original 18th-century buildings are in place and have also been recreated on the foundations. In Williamsburg, you can sit at the spot where Patrick Henry gave his stirring speech, stroll the exact streets of Thomas Jefferson, and savor an evening meal in the same place that George Washington enjoyed seafood dinners.

Williamsburg was the capital city of Virginia in 1705 and through the Revolution and the last fight of the War took place nearby which made it an epicenter of the American independence movement in addition to being one of the most economically prosperous and politically active capitals of the colonial period.

Costumed interpreters show the way of life for the gentry farmers, and slaves who lived and worked in Williamsburg. Re-enactments frequently take place, and provide a sense of excitement and color that make Williamsburg an enjoyable destination for visitors of everyone of all ages. You can also visit two top museums of decorative and folk arts as well as numerous real-life colonial garden replicas.

Virginia Beach

Named after the large stretch of golden sand that extends to the to the east Norfolk, Virginia Beach is an extremely popular and frequently popular resort town that has the usual amusements, hotels as well as the extensive boardwalk. If you think the Atlantic Ocean is not warm enough for your youngsters, head to the huge 19-acre Ocean Breeze Water Park featuring water slides with Caribbean themes and a wave pool and a water park.

Its Virginia Aquarium The Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Museum explores the ocean floor, climate and the flora of the coastline, including an 800,000-gallon tank with interactive exhibits and touch tanks. Outdoors is an nature trail, aviary as well as marshlands that you can explore along with an adventurous park.

Over 9,000 acres coastal land is protected by Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge The Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge is where there are hiking and walking trails as well as picnic areas in the visitor center. It is a popular place for birders, since thousands of birds come here each year including snow geese, falcons as well as ducks and the piping plovers.

The Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum showcases both modern and historical waterfowl decoys. To go to the original 1791 Old Cape Henry Lighthouse which opened to the Chesapeake Bay area to safe navigation, and also the nearby New Lighthouse constructed in 1881, visitors will have to go through security at Fort Story Military Base. Fort Story Military Base.

Between Virginia Beach between Virginia Beach and Norfolk is the entry point into the over 20 miles-long, engineering wonder Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, that spans the entry point into Chesapeake Bay, connecting the mainland with the Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

Arlington National Cemetery

The sprawling 600-acre site is located over Washington, D.C., Arlington National Cemetery is where many notable individuals within Washington, D.C. United States are buried. Most visited is the burial site of the President John F. Kennedy as well as The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Kennedy’s gravestone is marked with an slate headstone encased in Cape Cod fieldstone and contains inscribed inscriptions of his 1960 inaugural address, carved in marble, along with an everlasting flame.

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is made from white marble. It is supervised by an honour guard that is available 24 every day, 7 days seven days per year. It houses bones of soldiers who died in the two World Wars, the Korean Conflict and during the Vietnam War.

The next site that tourists search at is famous Iwo Jima Memorial which is the Marine Corps War Memorial depicting the Joseph Rosenthal photo of five marines and one sailor lowering the American flag at Mount Suribachi. Other noteworthy landmarks comprise The Seabees Memorial, created by former Seabee Felix de Weldon who also designed the Iwo Jima Memorial and the Women in Military Service for America Memorial, which is a memorial to all women who serve in military service in the US military.

Arlington House was constructed in the 1890s in the early 1800s by George Washington Parke Custis as tribute to his step-grandfather George Washington. However , the house is well-known for its role as the home for Robert E. Lee and his wife for over 30 years before they moved out in the Civil War.

Lee was the commander of Lee was the commander of Confederate Army of Northern Virginia during the American Civil War. The house was restored and serves as an honorary monument to Lee. In the vicinity of the mansion is the burial site of Pierre L’Enfant, who was the architect of the town of Washington, D.C. His city’s original plan was written in stone, and his grave site has an amazing view of the city that he designed.

The mast of the Battleship Maine is incorporated in a monument to the victims of the ship which sank into Havana Harbor in 1898, which led to the Spanish-American War.

Mount Vernon

George Washington’s house from 1754 until his demise 45 years later. Mount Vernon was a work being completed under Washington’s strict oversight, even as Washington was the commander of his Continental Army during the Revolution. The design of the architectural plan, the development, as well as the interior decor of every construction and remodel were given his attention and care which resulted in the elegant 21-room plantation home you are seeing today.

It is possible to be awed by the vivid wallpaper and paint hues throughout the home however, these hues were very popular in the latter part of the 18th century. The bright green walls of”the “New Room” were Washington’s preferred. Like many historical residences, Mount Vernon is filled with personal remembrances about George as well as Martha Washington: family portraits and crests, as well as the couple’s possessions.

The gardens and grounds with view of the Potomac River were a great admiration of the first president. And He also took a personal part in their design and upkeep. He opted for a more natural and less formal design than his predecessors, changing the shape of the lawns and paths in addition to planting native plants and trees.

The outbuildings have been kept or rebuilt You’ll see the diverse skills utilized at the plantation displayed such as blacksmithing, plowing weaving, sheep shearing and even the grinding of grain in the gristmill powered by water.

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