By implementing safety programs, organizations improve productivity and pass various inspections with flying colors. It is, however, confirmed that many companies fail to provide adequate safety measures at work, which eventually puts their lives at more risk.

Although you may have the best safety and training program, human error cannot be predicted or controlled 100%. There is usually more on the plate of your safety and training manager than the original job description portrays.

Therefore, hiring a height safety specialist is usually very cost-effective in examining your company policies, training, accident prevention programs, and a variety of other aspects that may be specific to your industry and business.

height safety
height safety

Why Choose A Professional Height Safety Specialist?

  • Find Out How To Prevent Falls By Getting The Facts

It seems easy enough to put a person over six feet off the ground (excluding ironwork) in a harness as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is looking for ways to prevent the maximum number of these injuries and deaths. However, who does the harnessing, pretending they know the safety precautions to avoid these injuries and fatalities in the construction industry? Are you aware of other contributing factors that can lead to an employee falling in the workplace? Is there a fall protection plan or height safety specialists at your company?

  • Fall Protection Consultants Can Identify Your Fall Exposures

An experienced height safety specialist can help you identify your fall exposures to prevent accidents before they occur. Experts in fall exposures, fall prevention, and regulatory changes related to leading edges, holes, openings (e.g., skylights), excavations, trenches, brickwork, and stairwells can help your employees and your company more secure.

Additionally, fall protection consultants can address “other” factors contributing to falls, such as slips, trips, ladders, scaffolding, and articulating lifts and bucket trucks.

  • Achieving Financial Savings

As part of your company’s expenses, you will have to pay them a salary and benefits when you hire a height safety specialist.

Additionally, a safety program review will help prevent accidents from becoming more costly. Your operations can be compromised if you lose a worker to an injury. Taking steps to prevent work-related injuries and illnesses will help you save money by reducing the number of work-related injuries and illnesses.

  • Satisfaction Among Employees Is Higher

To demonstrate the employer’s commitment and well-being of their employees, a health and safety program must be implemented to show that the employer cares about them. However, it is essential to note that the benefits of high employee satisfaction go far beyond that.

    • Absenteeism among employees has been reduced
    • Recruiting and referring employees more effectively
    • Productivity increases in the company
    • Retention of employees is higher
    • Profits increased on the bottom line
    • Cost savings related to human resources
  • Workplace Stress Can Be Reduced

Did you know that implementing professional height safety specialists can reduce the stress people experience at work? There is a direct correlation between workplace stress and employee satisfaction. Most of the time big accidents highly impacts the physical health of the worker. Therefore, along with the physical injury, psychological injuries should also be taken into consideration. Risks associated with the injuries are:

  • Workdays lost
  • Performance and productivity are poor
  • Concentration difficulties
  • Making more mistakes
  • There is a higher risk of accidents
  • Mental health issues such as depression
  • Problems with health over the long run


Find the right company for your needs by getting a referral list and checking them out, just as you would for other services that your company or you need. Choose a professional height safety specialist to ensure the safety of your employees and your workplace.