Plastic surgical interventions in the vaginal area – yes, the entire area of ​​intimate surgery – were considered a taboo subject for decades. This has changed more and more in recent years. A real trend around the topics of vaginal beautification and rejuvenation was triggered. Women feel less and less that they have to be ashamed or justify having an operation in the genital area. Find out everything you need to know about this topic here.

Using vaginal surgery for optimal self-esteem?

Everyone has their own ideas about the optimal appearance of the face and different parts of the body. Aesthetic and plastic surgery opens up the possibility of effectively correcting problem areas. A wide variety of interventions are conceivable, from the face (e.g. using wrinkle treatment) to the female breast (breast augmentation in Delhi) to the genital area.

A cosmetic surgery in the area of ​​the vagina can increase self-esteem. Not because you look the way society says you should, but because you make individual decisions about your own body. A strengthening, liberating feeling of independence sets in.

The perfect vagina – does it even exist?

As with all parts of the body and also the different regions of the face, there is no “one” perfect vagina. Beauty ideals, wishes and goals differ from person to person. Correspondingly personally, Dr. Tandon responds to your needs, requirements and ideas. After all, it’s about your body – and you should feel comfortable in your own skin in the long run.

Terms such as “Barbie vagina” or “designer vagina” are often used in the context of intimate surgery. It is said that the intimate area – especially the labia – should look as youthful and as inconspicuous as possible – just like with Barbie. It is quite possible to perform a labiaplasty and have the overall appearance of the intimate area look more youthful. Ultimately, Plastic surgeon in Delhi will discuss your goals and ideas with you in detail and use them to develop a treatment plan. A “scheme F” or a “standard treatment” is neither the goal nor the claim of a reputable plastic and aesthetic surgeon.

Which cosmetic surgeries for the vagina are there?

If one speaks of intimate surgery or operations in the area of ​​the vagina, not everyone necessarily knows what is meant. Various interventions in the context of vaginal surgery are possible and can be combined in some cases – talk to Dr. Tandon Just point it out. Procedures in the intimate area include, for example:

  • Labia correction – as a rule, the inner or outer labia are surgically reduced.
  • An autologous fat transfer in the intimate area: Autologous fat can be used to pad outer labia that are perceived as too small or sagging.
  • A “vaginal operation” to narrow the vagina. Many women want this result, for example after pregnancy. This vaginoplasty in Delhi often includes a vaginal tightening or vaginal correction
  • A reduction or tightening of the cap over the clitoris. This procedure makes the genitals look younger and can also lead to improved stimulation during sexual intercourse.
  • A suction of the mons pubis. This also gives the transition from the intimate area to the stomach a nice contour.

Intimate treatments from experts in Delhi

Since the pubic area is considered a sensitive, very intimate zone, interventions in this region should only be carried out by a reputable expert. The specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery Dr. Ashok Tandon has many years of experience in intimate surgery.

Of course, if you wish, it is possible for a female employee to attend the treatment in his practice in Delhi. The consultation, examination and treatment are carried out discreetly and in a relaxed atmosphere by best plastic surgeon in Delhi.