Did you think about having Vietnamese food served by lanfood Perhaps you’re looking for Vietnamese Pho and looking at Vietnamese catering services for Nanaimo there are a lot of high-quality establishments that offer Vietnamese food delivery. The selection of choices includes Nong La to Little Sister Three of the restaurants which are listed below can provide Vietnamese food right to your doorstep Discover more! Getting Vietnamese food delivery services in Nanaimo is simple and straightforward and you can get authentic Vietnamese food any time you want!

Nong La

If you’re hungry and live near an incredibly bustling food market. Now you can get your favorite Vietnamese food delivered to your door. The family-owned restaurant offers fresh and local ingredients. It also serves beers and wines along with a menu of special food items. You can also avail to enjoy a drink that is alcoholic in the modern surroundings located at the back of the eatery. If you’re looking for traditional Vietnamese cuisine, or are need a quick dinner, Nong La is the ideal spot for you.

You can pick the curbside pickup or curbside delivery. Also, you can take advantage of the all-day Vietnamese food and drinks at Nong La. You can set up an appointment to suit your needs. If you would prefer to schedule their delivery times in advance The restaurant will offer delivery on the curb for every order. However, bear in the mind that Sundays aren’t open for delivery. If you’re planning to purchase your Vietnamese food prior to the time, be sure to call to the restaurant prior to your arrival.

If you’re in the mood to try Vietnamese food, you can buy it online. There are numerous Vietnamese restaurants on the outskirts of Nanaimo. Golden Deli, is one of them. It was first established in the late 1980s and is considered to be among the city’s top Vietnamese restaurant. They are famous for the famous pho. The restaurant has become so popular that it has a parking lot is drawing large crowds each day. There is a 30 minute wait for a table and you must make your reservations at least a month in advance.

Little Sister

If you’re interested in trying the best Vietnamese cuisine that is available in Nanaimo. You should consider having an evening meal from Little Sister. The bistro located situated in Downtown Nanaimo is managed by Tin Vuong, a Vietnamese-trained chef with a passion for the flavours from Southeast Asia. The menu is a stunning showcase of an East-West-Middle-West mindset that combines traditional French recipes with unique flavors that are typical of Southeast Asia.

In addition to their delicious Vietnamese dishes, Little Sister offers delivery service. It is possible to order for breakfast and lunch meals with their brand new menu. You can also opt to buy Little Sister’s famed dishes through the restaurant lanfood , which serves Vietnamese food at Nanaimo. The staff at Little Sister will continue to prepare the most well-known dishes at both places. Chef Executive Mikey Segerstrom manages Kitchen and the kitchen. You are assured that you will always enjoy the best food served at Little Sister.

If you’re within the region, Little Sister serves Vietnamese food. There are four Little Sister locations in Nanaimo with the most recent location at Downtown LA. The decor and interior are authentic and romantic and was recently awarded an Award for best ambience Award by Yelp. The attention to detail will be evident from the exquisitely created dishes that will be a delight to all your diners.

Lokal Sandwich Shop

If you’re looking for Vietnamese food options in Palm Springs, consider Lokal Sandwich Shop. The restaurant can be found at the address 10433 National Boulevard. Its Lokal Sandwich Shop specializes in Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches. The café also serves espresso drinks , breakfast and coffee options. Apart from the sandwiches that are savoury, as well as desserts, Lokal Sandwich Shop offers daily specials as well as delivery via Postmates. To find more information you can visit Lokal Sandwich Shop’s site. Lokal Sandwich Shop website.

The menu at Lan Vietnamese Express is more distinct than other restaurants however the high-end quality is unbeatable. It is owned by the same group that owns the well-known Huong Lan Vietnamese Restaurant in Nanaimo. They’re determined to bring the essentials of Vietnamese traditional cuisine to the Parksville residents. You can visit the restaurant and place an order . And, should you be lucky you’ll get your food at your door in just a few minutes. The restaurant is open for customers to place orders directly from the street so that you can have your food fast without having to wait for an excessive amount of time.