Having a Canadian passport photo is important for your identity. The photo will be part of your passport, and will be used to identify you, as well as help the government verify you when you apply for travel. There are certain specifications that need to be met, however.

Canadian passport photo specifications

Canadian passport photo requirements are among the strictest in the world. If your photo doesn’t meet the requirements, it will be rejected. You can get more information on the Canadian passport photo rules by visiting the official government website. You can also get an online passport photo cropper to determine the correct size of your photo. The rules are in line with ICAO standards.

Canadian passport photos must be clear, sharp, and professional. The photo must be printed on high-quality photographic paper. It must also be free from any defects. It must be printed on a white or light-colored background. Plus, it should be in good shape, and it must be taken within six months of the application date. You can sign it on the back.

Canadian passport photos require the face to be neutral. This means that you cannot smile, and the face in the photo must be in focus. Anything that casts shadows is not acceptable. If you have a glowing complexion, you may want to apply face powder. However, heavy makeup is not acceptable.

The most important part of your Canadian passport photo is the head. You should try to avoid any headgear or other accessories that may obscure your face. If you wear eyeglasses in the photo, they must be prescription glasses. The lenses must be clear, and they must not be tinted. You must also be able to see through the lenses.

You should also be sure to wear normal attire; a flamboyant outfit may get you rejected. A plain white background is the best bet, and you must be clear of any objects in the background.

How to take a Canadian passport photo?

The best way to take a quality passport photo is to hire a professional studio. You may also opt to do it yourself; however, you should first check with your home country’s immigration department to ensure you are on the right track. In addition to the photo, you must also fill out a visa application and pay the visa fee.

If you choose to take passport photos with a professional photographer, you have to pay a fee for the photo. You may also want to get a second photo for your Canadian passport. The cost is usually around $8 CAD for a single photo, and for two passport photos, it costs $8.31 CAD.

To find a professional photographer, you can use an online search. Look for a company that specializes in passport photos. It’s also worth checking out the official website of the Canadian government for more information on the passport photo requirements.

Can I make Canada passport photo online?

Yes, if you feel it hard to remember the Canadian passport photo specifications, it’s advisable to use passport photo generator. Such tools can create photo for Canadian passport, firearms licence, citizenship card and permanent residence in less than 3 seconds. They adopts smart face recognition system to identify human faces and create biometric photo with compliance guarantee. For example, Visafoto, IDphotodiy, AI-Photo can suit your specific needs and it supports 150+ documents and any kind of image formats.

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