Due to a variety of properties, the copper round bar is used in a wide range of industries and applications. With 99.99% copper content and far stricter impurity limitations than other grades, it is the finest form of oxygen-free copper available.

With regard to commercially available copper alloys, Commercial Copper Round Bars deliver the highest electrical and thermal conductivity values. In addition to being suitable for applications needing a lot of machining, C110 is also suitable for both hot and cold forming.

Excellent thermal and electrical conductivity and resistance to corrosion are both inherent properties of copper. Brazing and soldering are both possible with copper round bars, however, heat treatment is not an option.

Due to their cost-effectiveness and high-quality attributes, commercial copper Round Bar goods are now highly sought after on a global scale. Please allow me to explain why our business is a leading and well-known supplier of copper bars. The first and most crucial factor is that we typically produce copper round bars that are suitable for use in the paper, electrical, marine, and paper industries as well as industries that deal with chemicals and pollution control. These circular copper rods in the right size and shape are available for around 100% of the price to consumers.

An excellent heat conductor is a copper. As a result, quick heat transfer is needed in a variety of applications, including heat exchangers in air conditioning systems, home appliances, car radiators, computer radiators, heat sealers, and televisions, as well as components for water-cooled ovens. Spark plugs of high grade feature a copper centre electrode that dissipates heat and avoids overheating.