It doesn’t dry up immediately

Acrylic nail paint is not like other nail paints; it doesn’t dry quickly. Do you know how the nail polish is designed? The nail polish is designed to dry up quickly and is relatively thin in texture, which doesn’t make nail polish ideal for mixing colors on the palette. On the other hand, acrylic paints were made to sit on the palette.

The scientific reason behind it is that the nail polish is made up of isopropyl alcohol and acetates which dries up quickly. In contrast, the acrylic paints are water-based, and as we know, water doesn’t dry up easily, making the acrylic nail paint an ideal choice for color mixing. Poxie creations Acrylic Gel Tube makes your work easier with acrylic nail paints.

You can make any color out of it

If you have five main colors, such as red, blue, yellow, black, and white, you can easily make any color out of it. Which color do you want to make? Is it purple? Then mix red and blue, or is it pale yellow? Mix yellow and white. These are the kinds of stuff you might have read in your childhood. You don’t have to worry about your nail polish collection until you have these colors with you. You can create your collection just by mixing and matching.

It’s easier to draw designs with

You might be wondering whether it is easier to paint designs with nail-perfect acrylic paint or not?

Yes, it is easier to paint with acrylic paint because these are not made with acetates and alcohol. There is a time when you use nail polish to do some design, and it turns lumpy because the nail polish with less alcohol content is usually thicker. To maintain the opacity of nail polish, these are made this way. However, it is not the greatest tool to be used when it comes to nail art. There is a fact about nail polish that it dries faster, making it very hard to paint designs with it.

Another coolest experiment you can do with acrylic paint is to paint a quick-dry topcoat over the base color in your nail and let it dry fully. After that, you can draw a design on the top and scratch off if you have any mistakes with the help of a toothpick. This is very good for beginners. You can easily get natural acrylic nails for professionals in the market as they are in trend.