A good fragrance brings uniqueness and confidence. As you wear your perfume, you elevate your individuality. Rather than your usual plain appeal, you suddenly stand out from the crowd. 

Aside from rarity, scents and memories are correlated. A vivid flashback appears as if you’re back in the past with just a sniff. Some experiences aren’t beautiful, and I bet you agree with that. So, if you want to go back to colourful, loving, and bright ones, indulge in the enchanting aroma of sweet-smelling perfumes.

You may not be familiar with this, but there are fragrance notes that ooze sweet aromas perfect for those who want to relive their childhood memories. These notes can bring back the adrenaline you felt before as a kid in candy stores and amusement parks. These sugary notes will enable you to smell delicious, reflecting your charming personality. Not to mention, there’s a wide variety of sweets in fragrance olfactory. It can match with floral, citrus, and fruity ones. For sure, you’ll find one that best suits your taste.

3 Sweet Perfumes You Should Take Delight In

In the vast field of perfumery, there’s more than just musky and woody aromas. Relieve the excitement you felt each time you used the gumball machine and let everyone around you feel it too. Ditch your headache-inducing scents and shift to the world of sweets! 

I’ve narrowed down 5 sweet smelling  perfumes gift sets that are sure to match your colourful taste in fragrances. They’re not only fragrant, but these scents are also perfect for all occasions and will stay with you all day long.

Prada Candy
Prada Candy


I want to start with this 5-star perfume from Prada’s fragrance line. You’ll feel like a kid again with just the mere sight of its bottle. With caramel, amber, and sweet accords, this perfume provides the glamorous youth vibe you are looking for. Caramel topped the fragrance notes, followed by powdery and musk notes. The said top and middle notes did an excellent job balancing the base notes of benzoin and vanilla. This is one of the best combinations of fragrance notes, in my personal opinion.

As if wearing a product from Prada is not enough, the warmed sugar vibe from this scent exceeds your expectations. Prada Candy embodies the sweet odor of pink sugar, and its smell will linger for the rest of the day. Stay sweet and smell good with Prada Candy.

Angel Nova Refillable by Thierry Mugler

Next on my list is the captivating, luscious scent from Thierry Mugler’s brand. This one is perfect for those who want sweet smelling perfumes with a modern twist. Angel Nova, the heroine of Mugler, will never disappoint with its sensational aroma that screams sweetness, sensuality, and elegance all in a single bottle.

Curious about what gives off the irresistible fruity charms of this fragrance? It’s basically the top notes of raspberry and lychee. Damask rose highlights the floral middle note and ends up with warm tones of benzoin and Akigalawood. This is precisely what you are looking for, and you can never resist the perfect scent it gives, even with just a single spray.

Yves Saint Laurent – Black Opium
Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

Another perfume that completes this list is the Black Opium from the perfume line of Yves Saint Laurent. You can get the best of both worlds of coffee and vanilla on this one, powered by the top notes of pear, pink pepper, and orange blossom. The aromatic middle notes of coffee, jasmine, bitter almond, and licorice are completed with the comforting base notes of vanilla, patchouli, cedar, and cashmere wood.

Contrary to the slick design of its black bottle, you can expect a sweet and addictive vibe from Black Opium. If you have no idea what’s with the trend for sweet fragrances, you can start with this one. I assure you that samplers aren’t enough, and you’ll indeed purchase full-sized bottles. Feel like a brand-new person with just a spray and feel sexy from within.

Sweet Conclusion

Spoil yourself with sweet smelling perfumes that can relive your childhood memories. These aromas can embody your sweet yet sexy aura and twirl you like royalty. I swear that you’ll smell like a dessert, with irresistible and luscious charms by wearing them. Apparently, a bottle of sweetness wouldn’t be enough as you will always shop more once emptying a regular perfume bottle.
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