People usually put a fence around their property to protect their business assets from other people or intruders. But before you opt for any commercial fencing, you must know more about the types of commercial fencing and if they are ideal for you based on your budget.

When selecting a fence, there are many things that you must consider, including your budget, the amount of upkeep needed or the objectives behind a project. In this guide, you will learn more about the different types of commercial fencing for your business and your benefits.

What Are the Types of Commercial Fencing?

The different types of commercial fencing are as follows:

  • Vinyl

Many say in this business that Vinyl is final, mostly due to its longevity and less upkeep. All these make it a great option for any commercial business, and commercial vinyl fencing can help add a good level of privacy with the help of its seamless panels.

It does not require any painting or staining as it is UV-protected. It is one of the best commercial fencing in Sussex and offers you a good level of privacy with six to eight-foot one-piece panels that eliminate the space between wood fencing boards. The best thing is that it can be used in commercial fencing.

  • Chain link

A chain link commercial fence can install quickly and can be more cost-efficient compared to Vinyl. Though you can install slats for privacy reasons, they can also help reduce noise, wind and dust. This type of commercial fencing can also be used indoors, and there is usually an added security layer for warehouses. It can also safeguard employees from injury while ensuring that they are steering clear of any industrial machinery to avoid injury.

The steel construction of the chain link is resistant to corrosion/dust and is also durable. They also offer various add-ons and upgrades to improve security:

  • They have increased height, up to eight feet or higher
  • There is a barbed wire or barbed tape
  • They also eliminate the top rail to make it more difficult to climb
  • There is an addition of a bottom rail that can help prevent people from crawling under
  • The double row of security fending acts as an additional line of security

Compared to metal palisade fencing, chain link fences are also considered durable and can withstand any type of element. This type of commercial fencing is also properly coated to be able to withstand rust.

  • Steel/aluminium fencing

These are fences that are usually made of heavy-duty metal; they are also durable and sturdy. These types of fencing can also offer great barrier protection and increase the commercial property’s aesthetics. They also come in various colours and styles from which you can choose. Due to the acrylic finish, this fence does not need much maintenance, and the colours are less likely to fade.

Final Words

If you want to opt for commercial fencing to safeguard your property, you can read the blog above to learn more about the different fences. Contact a reputed fencing company to hire experts who will look into your commercial property to find out what fence will suit your property.