Dexedrine abuse has dramatically affected the relationship between amphetamines and the brain. The increased symptoms due to this abuse are also quite detrimental.

It may seem like Dexedrine is just an amphetamine used for treating ADHD, but it is so much more than that. The truth is that Dexedrine can not only be addictive of its own accord but can also cause other side effects such as mood swings and depression. Gratitude Lodge tells you about the effects of Dexedrine abuse and how you can cure it.

Dexedrine Abuse: What Is The Link Between Amphetamines and the Brain?

The link between amphetamines and the brain is very unhealthy, mainly due to the effects they produce in the individual. The results of amphetamines have been known to have many detrimental consequences, but they are more than just that. It is common knowledge that amphetamines are formed when methamphetamine is produced in the body. The effects of meth are very intense.

It should be noted that drug abuse of any kind can be hazardous, which is why it is always better to abstain from consuming drugs. If you want to know more about the consequences of Dexedrine abuse, a variety of sources can help you. By far, the most effective way to stop abusing drugs is through psychotherapy and counseling, but this isn’t always possible, especially in the case of amphetamines.

Facts About the Effects of Dexedrine Abuse on the Body

1. Symptoms of Dexedrine Abuse

You have to know some of the most common symptoms of Dexedrine abuse. They include mood swings, depression, and extreme euphoria. Other side effects caused by this drug abuse can be anxiety, nausea, and gastrointestinal problems. All these are direct consequences produced by the increased activity of dopamine in the brain thanks to its consumption.

It is worth mentioning that even though amphetamines may treat some conditions, there are a variety of side effects associated with their use. Some of these side effects are addiction and withdrawal symptoms. Since amphetamines are very addictive, it is not surprising that people abuse them to get their fix. It increases the chance of addiction and lowers the number of years people can live before using drugs for the last time.

2. How Dexedrine Addiction Affects your Brain

One of the consequences of amphetamine abuse is that it can lead to brain damage. That is mainly because the brain relies on dopamine to function correctly, but it can also happen because of its neurotoxic effect on the brain. The results of amphetamine are very hazardous for the body, as it changes how our bodies work and how we view others and ourselves. We will tell you more about these changes in a moment.

3. How Long Does Dexedrine Abuse Last?

We all know there are lots of factors that contribute to amphetamine abuse. The main one is that it increases the amount of dopamine in the body, which helps to produce euphoria and relieve stress and anxiety. It is so effective at doing this that people don’t notice any other effects or even the side effects produced by its consumption regularly.

The truth is that without methamphetamines, we wouldn’t be able to survive some days. That is mainly because the brain needs it to deal with pain, hunger, and pleasure.

4. How Amphetamine Affects Mood Swings

Mood swings are one of the effects of amphetamines on the body that people often don’t notice or say they don’t feel any different from their period before addiction. However, that is not true. It is estimated that about 80% of those who abuse amphetamines state that they experience mood swings due to its consumption.

Furthermore, this drug abuse can also lead to depression, especially when the effects start wearing off and people are left with little or no drugs in their system.


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